Words that leftists should not use, chapter 18

It was a bit of a busy week along Wanderer’s Way, not that the news was quiet in the slightest.  My thanks go to Stefan Molyneux this week for putting out a couple of knock-it-out-of-the-park videos (as he often does) encapsulating and unloading on the issues du jour practically flawlessly.  My thanks also go to Ben Shapiro, Mitch McConnell, NeverTrump Online (formerly known as National Review Online) and every other supposed “conservative” who was not content to say “well if it’s true then Moore ought to step aside” (which is obscenely ridiculous in itself) but instead went full-on “I believe the accusations and they’re credible.”  You guys all just added yourselves to a list of people I no longer have to waste time and energy listening to, sticking up for, or defending.  Or giving a good damn about either.  Some of you were there already, some of you were right up to that line and just crossed it, and some of you I tried very hard to give the benefit of the doubt, hoped and held to the belief that there was yet good in you, but when the time came to stand you knifed everything you claim to believe in the back to score points with people who still hate you.  But I’m getting off topic here.

This week’s word is one I was hesitant to use because of its emotionally charged and controversial nature.  Yet it is that very aspect of it that makes it a perfect topic for this series, because that nature is what allows the left to take this clearly-defined word and mangle it into a weapon to use against us.  They do this even when (and at times it seems especially when) it really does not apply to the facts at all.  This week’s word that leftists should not use is Rape.  Given the choice between risking my few followers and not so many readers versus giving up the integrity of this blog, I don’t think it’s even a question as to whether I need to include this word, and it’s pretty clear there’s never been a better time.

Rape is a very simple concept of criminal law.  Because it is a crime, the definition and wording varies slightly state to state, but in essence rape does have a very specific meaning, and that is generally the forced penetration of some bodily orifice (typically doesn’t matter which one) by some body part (again, not really important which) of the person doing the forcing, against the will of the person being penetrated, or in the alternative, forcing someone else to penetrate you.  Yes, feminists, women can commit rape against men.  Whether they’ll ever be convicted of it is another matter entirely.  Take away all the hairsplitting and word-lawyering and rape comes down to forced sexual intercourse, no more and no less.  This of course is one of the most serious crimes a person in our sex-obsessed society can commit, and the reasons why are a topic for another time.

But the left knows the power of words.  They know that not only do normals get agitated when people start talking sex crimes, but even conservatives often have a visceral reaction to this word.  And as we have seen on so many occasions, when the left gets hold of a powerful word, they don’t give two craps about whether they’re using it correctly.  They’ll swing that sucker like a hammer and just pray they connect sooner or later.  So they take this word and they apply it to every situation they can shoehorn it into–infamously, the “bake the damned cake” court found against the bakery because the court held that refusal to bake a cake was the equivalent of “mentally raping” the plaintiffs.  Um…you cannot “mentally rape” someone.  Not even Professor X with the power to walk into dreams and mess with your memories can “rape” someone with his mind.

This is the left’s game.  They take every perceived slight and every normal and healthy act of male attention directed towards women that just happens to be unwanted or even just non-reciprocal and they declare it to be “sexual assault,” and then they conflate sexual assault with rape so often and so fluidly that the terms become synonymous in the minds of the ignorant public.  Catcalling is not rape.  Leering at a woman is not rape.  Asking for a woman’s phone number is not rape.  Touching a woman is not rape.  Trying to kiss a woman is not rape.  Most of the Weinstein wildfire (not just against Harvey but against all of them) is not rape–in fact, except for the very few accusations of actual rape that have been leveled against people like Weinstein, Charlie Sheen, and Bill Cosby, this whole crapstorm is not rape.  Also, the Cosby allegations are bogus.  Al Franken, Louis C.K., even Kevin Spacey, none of that is rape (that I am presently aware of anyway).  And nothing that Roy Moore is accused of doing is rape either.  That doesn’t stop the left from taking unwanted attention or even jilted former girlfriends, spinning the stories into some kind of concocted sexual impropriety, and from there merrily skipping to “he’s a rapist.”

Most of what we know Billy Jeff did, by the way, was also not rape.  If he wasn’t the king of “listen and believe” I’d be putting Juanita Broaddrick to a stricter standard, but, you know, he is.  But I’m getting off topic again.

For most words on this list, I maintain leftists should stop using them just for the sake of the integrity of the language and because they make themselves look like idiots (but they seem to be good at that).  This one, however, there’s a much more serious reason why the left really ought to stop using this word, and that’s because this kind of reflexive accusation and utter disregard for the basis hurts actual victims of rape.  Seriously.  Every fake accusation, famous or not, that goes to the police or the media both takes up time and resources that are intended for people (usually women) who have actually been hurt and actually need help, and at the same time, constantly crying wolf makes every real report sound and seem less credible.  People are getting fed up with this crap and are beginning to see through it even when they’re not on the side that gets smeared with this bulls**t as a matter of course.  But the left doesn’t care about victims of rape any more than they care about victims of “gun violence” or “hate crimes,” which is to say, they care about them insofar as they can use them as props to push an agenda.

If I am not flamed into oblivion and kicked off WordPress for this post, there’ll be another word next week.



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