Hanlon’s Razor cuts both ways

gun control sheep

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”  You’ve probably heard some variant on this expression before.  It’s known as Hanlon’s Razor, and the point it makes is a good one.  Most of the time, people who are promoting evil ideas are just useful idiots or simply aren’t bright enough to realize the consequences of their actions.  Likewise, people whose failures have catastrophic results usually don’t intend to hurt others through their inattention and they didn’t screw up on purpose.  But the caveat to this is that stupidity has to be an adequate explanation for the nature and degree of failure that happened.

I have said on many occasions that the gun grabber is by far the stupidest breed of leftist there is, and I still hold to that.  The very concept that a law will stop someone who intends to break the law and does not intend to survive is mindbogglingly dumb.  Maybe it’s simple misunderstanding of the physics and engineering behind guns (they are really not hard to make), maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but certain revelations have come to light following the Texas church shooting that lead me to believe that this crusade and its asinine, blood-soaked results are no longer adequately explained by stupidity.  We are learning that the monster who opened fire on a church was not only dishonorably discharged for a domestic violence incident, AND spent a year in the stockade for it, but that he also escaped from a mental hospital in 2012–and still passed a federal check.  Gun-lovin’ Texas turned him down but the feds okayed him.  In the course of finding this out, we also learned that there has been all of one such domestic violence incident reported by the Department of Defense to the FBI.  One.  One.

Do not tell me we need more laws when the laws we have are being so grossly unenforced.  But guess which laws are working just fine and dandy?  You guessed it–the “gun-free zone” laws that provide homicidal bastards with vulnerable clusters of innocent victims who have no chance of fighting back because of course they obey the damn law and don’t carry where the law says not to carry.

When you see the failure to enforce these supposedly “common sense” background check laws, you reach the point quickly where stupidity ceases to be an adequate explanation.  I include the picture above not just because it captures the basic point of the foolhardiness of gun control, but also because it helps to illustrate what the real aim of gun control is.  Because you see, it’s not just the wolf who wants the flock of sheep to remain docile and vulnerable, and the point of fences and sheepdogs and farmhands going varmint hunting is not to ensure the sheep live to a ripe old age, but rather to ensure that they’re utilized and exploited and eventually slaughtered by the farmer instead of a wolf.

The situation begins to actually clarify and make sense if you stop presuming that the point of gun control is to stop maniacs and mass killings.  It’s not, and that becomes more and more clear with every passing incident.  The point of gun control is to steadily disassemble the Second Amendment one “common sense” restriction at a time, and the consequences just get spun back into the narrative to push for more control.  Regulations on automatic weapons and bans on bump stocks inch toward the goal but the real coup was when they came up with this idea of “gun-free” zones, which had the dual effect of disarming people in an ever-increasing list of places and also providing killers with conveniently laid out sheep waiting to be slaughtered where they stood, with little to no chance of fighting back because of course these decent law-abiding folks obey the law.  So you get the people accustomed to giving up their weapons in about half the places they travel to on a daily basis and at the same time you ensure there will be a steady stream of politically-useful atrocities you can use to keep pushing for more laws.  I can no longer believe that this self-perpetuating cycle could possibly be the result of an accidental miscalculation.  It’s just too perfect.

But of course that in itself is not enough.  These statist monsters cannot take the risk that their first few “common sense” steps might be sufficient to “solve the problem.”  Can’t have that.  If “common sense” laws like background checks worked then how would they ever push for total confiscation?  So the solution is really so simple as to be painfully obvious–just don’t enforce the law that you wailed and cried and marched and screamed that you “demanded” from your elected representatives.  After all, if your objective is to take guns away from law-abiding people rather than keep them out of the hands of criminals, enforcement is really not a concern.  People who obey the law will obey the law–see how easy that is?  Keep shrieking until your throat is raw about how Republicans want to make it easier for the mentally ill to get guns (which is a blatant lie) but then make sure that it isn’t actually difficult for the mentally ill to get guns, because you’re not actually interested in safety.  You just want the guns.  Rant on about how the NRA buys politicians ($3 million over 20 years doesn’t pay for parking in downtown DC) but ignore it when Joe Biden tells the NRA that they just “don’t have time” to enforce background check violations.  Because you’re not actually interested in the background checks, you just want the guns.  And the way you get the guns is more mass shootings.  You cannot afford for “common sense” measures to reduce gun violence (not that they have any effect on violence in general, but of course when it’s a Muslim dude in a truck it’s just “the price we pay for diversity” and something we have to learn to live with) because without specifically gun-related violence you can’t advance what you really and truly seek.

When you apply the corollary to Hanlon’s Razor it becomes clear that to the gun grabbers and their ultimate objectives, men like Adam Lanza amd Omar Mateen and Stephen Paddock and Devin Kelley are not bugs in the system but features.  Their rampages have been directly enabled by the efforts of gun grabbers to disarm the law-abiding populace, and now we know that the laws these statist monsters insisted they had to have are not even being enforced, and at this point it’s so plainly obvious that simple stupidity no longer adequately explains it.  They know damned well what they’re doing and they don’t care how many innocent people are killed.  So you can all quit pretending you give a good damn about people getting shot and start cheering for the deaths of Christian Trump supporters with the other harpies on Twitter.  The harpies may be disgusting filth but at least they’re honest about it.


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