A brief thought experiment

We hear so much about “buying votes” and get hammered over and over with the idea that “money in politics is bad.”  Of course these are usually smokescreen phrases used by leftists to try to tell us that spending money isn’t actually protected speech and even if it was corporations don’t have rights (please tell me how you can get “everyone in the world has a right to come here and not assimilate or abide by our laws” out of the Constitution and yet not understand that organizations made up of people have rights).  Still, it begs the question, if votes can be bought, what would they cost?

So I am asking you, good readers, if someone were to come up to you and offer you money to vote for the other party, how much would it take for you to do it?  You can assume a tight race where the margin could be slim enough that it honestly makes a difference and decide if the number would be different if your guy was either fighting uphill or way out in the lead.  Also assume that you are bound to your word despite secret ballots and can’t simply take the money and lie to the payor, and also that you’re agreeing to vote the full ticket from President on down to local school board.  Would you, as a Republican voter, vote Democrat for $100?  $1000?  $5000?  Is it non-negotiable?  If there are any Democrats reading this (can’t imagine why there would be but it’s possible I suppose), what would it take for you to vote Republican?

I don’t expect anyone to reply, but do at least be honest with yourselves.


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