Stephen Miller’s Statue of Liberty play

When Stephen Miller, as a spokesman for President Trump, recites well-known historical facts, that’s not “regurgitating white nationalist talking points.”  It doesn’t matter if Richard Spencer knows the same things.

When Fake News Jim Acosta gets incensed and starts reciting a stupid poem as a form of lecturing Stephen Miller, that’s not journalism.  That’s political activism.

When a poem is inscribed on a statue, that’s not law or national policy or even necessarily a good idea.  It’s a poem on a goddamned statue.

And when someone wants to immigrate to the United States, you’re damned right they need to be able to speak English.  It’s well known that language barriers are the #1 obstacle to successful assimilation into a new culture and contrary to what the left likes to think, we don’t invite people into this country so they can go on public assistance and segregate into little ghettos.  We love immigrants but someone who moves in here and doesn’t intend to integrate into our society is not an immigrant.


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