Apres moi, les zombie apocalypse

I have argued many times here and elsewhere that the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act was designed to be difficult to uproot.  If we had caught it and undone it in 2012 by electing Mitt Romney (presuming a lot, I know) then it might not have been able to sink its tendrils in so deeply, but obviously that didn’t happen.  It was not supposed to be easy to get rid of, if even possible.  Politicians frequently refer to entitlements as the “third rail” of American politics, meaning if you touch that one, you die.  And make no mistake, the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act was meant to be an entitlement.  It was meant to permeate society at multiple levels both financial and philosophical, mangle the economy into a more socialist shape, and once it had gotten a solid grip on pretty much everyone and everything, drag everything down in its inevitable planned collapse as its creators offered single payer as the way out.  Like the xenomorph “face hugger” in the classic scifi horror Alien movies, the more you fought it, the harder you tried to pry it off, the tighter it would grip.  When we do start taking chunks out of it, and we will, it will continue to shamble forward like a zombie.  It’s not hard to hit it, it’s not hard to see it coming, but it’s damned hard to bring it down.

But the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act is not the only zombie left to us by the previous administration.  Whatshisname’s disastrous immigration policies and refusal to deport illegal aliens has left us with problems from sanctuary lawbreaker cities to DACA “Dreamer” nonsense, and while the new sheriff in town has already stemmed the tide of illegals pouring into the country, the problem remains about what to do with the ones who are already here–and that problem was compounded heavily by the inaction of the previous president.  President Trump just caught a lot of flak for reluctantly renewing the Iran Deal but he made it clear that right now we just have no leverage at all.  Iran got literally everything it wanted out of this so-called “deal” and the United States bound itself to heavily lopsided terms, so why in the world would Iran have any reason at all to renegotiate this arrangement?  In criticizing the deal back before it happened, President Trump noted that the impossibility of getting out of it cleanly was an integral part of what made it so bad.  Because of this horrible deal, we are literally in the position where we either go back on promises we didn’t make and lose tons of credibility (and probably provoke a response from some very fanatical and very bad people), or we have to act militarily to impede Iran’s nuclear program, or we just let them keep right on building nukes.  None of those are good options and all of them are a direct result of this idiotic “deal.”

Speaking of nukes, the fake news tried to claim that there had been more North Korean missile tests under the first six months of the Trump presidency than there had been during all eight years of Whatshisname.  This was patently untrue, but there has been an uptick in missile tests by the Norks in the past several months.  Gee, I wonder how they got all this technology and hardware and resources to put these missiles together?  I’m starting to be reminded of people blaming George W. Bush for 9/11 after we spent eight years under Billy Jeff systematically dismantling our military.  George W. commissioned a report on our readiness status that was not completed until September 10.  So obviously he had all afternoon to prevent the 9/11 attacks.  The issue with North Korea has been in the works for a bit longer.  Sean Hannity played audio today from Billy Jeff back in 1994 where he defended a deal that gave billions of dollars from America and South Korea to the Norks in exchange for them giving up their nuclear ambitions and building power plants and baby milk factories or something.  Except guess what, they didn’t.  And of course, there’s the Russians.  Whatshisname expelled Russian diplomats over their boneheaded “interference with the election” narrative and ever since then no one has dared to walk any of these brinksmanship moves back for painfully obvious reasons.  Let me put that into clearer terms: the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the dinosaur media were and are openly flirting with World War Effing Three in an attempt to score cheap political points and make things even more difficult for President Trump.

And don’t think that they wouldn’t have gotten us further embedded into the Paris accords if they could have.  Fortunately we took control of the Senate just in time to keep that from happening.  One less zombie to deal with now.

These are just a few of the shambling hard-to-kill problems that the previous administration did not merely hand down to President Trump, but either wildly exacerbated or actually directly created.  Some things like Paris or Cuba could be undone the same way they were done in the first place, by executive order, but the rest aren’t going to do down quickly or easily, and I’ve only named a few.  As bad as all of these are the Russia mess is particularly galling–this is wholly and entirely ginned up to make problems for President Trump with absolutely no regard for the fact that the Democrats are playing with nuclear fire here.

As France reached the eve of revolution, King Louis XV reputedly saw the way the winds were blowing and in response did his best to keep his head down (and therefore attached to his neck), but on his deathbed legend has it that he predicted “Apres moi le deluge” (“After me, the flood,” and the flood was not a good thing).  Historians have interpreted this two ways: either Louis XV was prescient of the coming turmoil in the country that would lead to the bloody Revolution, or he was saying he simply didn’t care, he’d be dead anyway.  Whatshisname plainly didn’t care that he was leaving a whole apocalypse worth of undying zombie crises for President Trump to deal with, and in fact did all he could in many cases to make those zombies as hard to kill as he could.  I’m as frustrated with the slow pace of the president’s agenda as anyone else is, I’m as irritated with the congressional GOP for blowing their apparent majority and wasting their time trying to fight the man who led them (kicking and screaming) to control of the entire federal government, but bear in mind, these zombies did not rise overnight, and they were expressly created to be tough to kill.  It’s going to take time, it’s going to take effort, it may be painful, and it may be messy.  Stay the course, and stay alive.


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