Fire Bob Mueller

Special counsel Robert Mueller, appointed by the deputy Attorney General to investigate the stupid fairy tale about “Russian collusion” in the 2016 election, is taking the blank check he has to investigate whatever and whenever he feels like it to probe into practically every business arrangement President Trump has ever had with anyone from Russia.  He’s going back years before the Republican primaries even started and looking into people who just rented space in Trump Tower.

Add to that the fact that Mueller’s staff is loaded out with Pantsuit drones and Whatshisname’s sycophants.  Some theorize that that was done to give legitimacy when Mueller inevitably concludes that nothing happened.  I and many others say bullhonkey to that.  What this basically is, is taxpayer-funded open-ended opposition research for the Democratic party to use in 2020–because you know everything they find is going to leak like a broken umbrella.

Known criminal and unrepentant terrorist supporter Eric Holder (still in contempt of Congress) has been blathering about how President Trump can’t fire Mueller.  Oh yes, Eric, he can and he should.  You disgusting people have wasted enough time and money on this ridiculous witch hunt and are at the point where you’re breathlessly trying to convince people that Donald Trump Junior meeting with someone who promised incriminating evidence about Dr. Pantsuit and happened to be Russian and didn’t end up panning out was in some way unusual, wrong, or even treasonous.  News flash, children: it’s none of the above.

CIA director Mike Pompeo stated when asked if Russia had attempted to interfere in the last election replied “Yes, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that too.”  Ted Kennedy asked the Soviets for help to defeat Ronald Reagan going into the 1984 election, for God’s sake.  This is over and it’s well past time to just ignore it, and the first step in that process is to fire Bob Mueller.  At the very least, give him a month to find whatever he’s going to find and as of September 1 he’s finished.  But really, I’d like to see him shut down by close of business today.  Just fire him and his deep-state lackeys and be done with it.


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