Words that leftists should not use, chapter 3

Good Sunday morning to you.  Want to quickly touch base on the major news stories of the moment before we get to today’s word.  First up, it does not f**king matter who was in this supposed meeting with the Russian bait-and-switch operator, and it still does not matter if everything the dinosaur media is breathlessly claiming is 100% true, and no this is not a “well they did it too!” excuse.  This is nothing.  It is not evidence of “collusion,” not as the dinosaur media and the Democrats want you to think and nowhere near what the actual definition is (oh look, another word for the list).  It is also not illegal or even unusual.  And riddle me this: if this WAS everything the Democrats claim, then why the bait-and-switch?  Isn’t it established that this whole thing was a setup to talk about Russian foreign adoptions and nothing came from it?  Doesn’t this establish that, even taking the story at face value (which I don’t), the Russians pulled the rug out from under the Trump campaign after claiming to have the goods on Dr. Pantsuit?

Second, the Senate repeal-and-replace bill is planned for a vote in the very near future.  I have already explained how if the Cruz amendment goes through, this is the silver bullet.  This WILL kill the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act and it will do it in a way that the average inattentive “independent” American voter (and a few less-indoctrinated Democrats) will be able to comprehend.  I like a lot about Rand Paul but if he holds his ground even after the Cruz amendment then he’s just grandstanding.  As for Susan Collins, I’ve already been clear I have no use for that wretch.  But the point is, don’t buy into this “the Senate bill is dead, blah blah blah” line that the dinosaur media is desperate to promote.  They said the same damned thing about the House bill too.

So now that all of that is out of the way, today’s word that leftists really ought not use is “fascism.”  In fairness, “fascism” is kind of a difficult term to nail down and it has been used (and possibly misused) to describe movements, ideologies, and politically active personalities across the political spectrum.  The left, however, has attached itself solidly to a particularly wrong definition of the term as they have made it one of their favorite insults, right up there with “racist” and “bigot.”  According to the left, fascism is always “right-wing,” it has something to do with the police and the corporate machine or something, and it’s basically synonymous with “bad” and “capitalist” but beyond that they really don’t know what it is.

What “fascism” really is, is a system of forced conformity.  As such it can be applied to a government or an ideology on any point in the political spectrum.  It is essentially anti-individualism, to put it in the simplest possible terms.  I explained this in my post a while back about what Dr. Pantsuit’s motto “Stronger Together” means.  When the term “fascism” was coined in the early 20th century it was taken from the Latin term meaning “a bundle of sticks,” which was intended to convey the idea that each individual stick was weak and could easily be bent or broken, but when you bound them together into a bundle, they could be as strong as a solid log.  The corollary to this is that in order to get everyone to bind together, everyone has to be the same.  If a stick is bent or has a fork in it or is too short or too long, then it either weakens the bundle, or it has to be bent or broken to fit, or it must be cast aside.

Fascism therefore applies to any ideology, on the left or the right, that enforces collectivism and suppresses individualism, and requires people to conform to a set of standards or a code of behavior.  This is part of why it’s associated with the police, because these crybaby domestic terrorists see the rules of society as “fascist” and the police as enforcers of an oppressive anti-individualistic state.  The reason why this is not correct is because for the most part, at least until recently, the laws of society were not about telling individuals how to run their own lives but essentially boiled down to two key concepts: don’t hurt other people, and keep your promises.  So no, children, a cop telling your riot to disperse is not a “fascist,” he’s enforcing a voluntary social contract that protects your right to protest but once you start breaking and burning stuff it’s very, very different.

They may have a little bit of a point where drugs are concerned, which is incidentally what motivates many of them in the first place.  But that is a topic for another time.  And the place where that point goes right off the rails is that their own philosophy generally calls for the banning of way more things than marijuana, including but not limited to “hate speech” (meaning free speech), guns, freedom of association, and oh yeah, private property.

It’s largely because of the nationalistic aspects of fascism under Mussolini and its alliance with Nazi Germany (which was also fascist) that fascism has been thought of as “right-wing” and therefore Nazism was “right-wing.”  Neither is true.  Fascism is, in itself, politically neutral, although since its inception as a term virtually every example of fascism in practice has been left-wing.  Sorry children, the USA has never been fascist, but Soviet Russia, Communist China, and innumerable communist satellite states were the very definition of fascist.  If you didn’t conform you got broken.  You could claim that the Catholic church of the Dark Ages was a fascistic institution and you would be correct, but in case you didn’t notice, other Christians kind of fixed that a long time ago (and nowadays Catholics overwhelmingly lean left for some inexplicable reason).  As for Nazism, which we’ll get into in detail in another post, the very term is short for “National Socialist.”  The only difference between them and communism is that the commies are international, the Nazis were just concerned about Germans.

Winston Churchill once said that the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.  He was, of course, right.  Fascism is not “right-wing,” it is not enforcement of the rules of society and it is not associated in any way with freedom of speech and thought–even if that speech and thought hurts your widdle feewings.  It is, very simply, forced conformity, which is precisely what Antifa and the other fools who love to sling this term around want to create and impose.  It is thought policing.  It is censorship.  It is the nanny state.  It is anti-individual.  The modern right is about none of these things.

Next week, another word the left ought not use until they can learn what it means.


2 thoughts on “Words that leftists should not use, chapter 3

  1. Great definition. But one that many Jen Xers and millennial’s will find difficult to read to the end. They are more used to short term focus reading of a phrase instead of an actual explanation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s the problem. I try not to bog down my WTLSNU entries with too much current events for this reason. But then, I don’t expect short attention span types to get past the title anyway.


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