The Cruz Amendment

Right now there’s a lot of nonsense being peddled about the Senate health care bill, particularly about a key part of the GOP plan known as the Cruz Amendment.  In brief, what this amendment to the bill would do is allow insurers to sell whatever kind of insurance plans their customers want, as long as they ALSO sell plans that have the full-spectrum-service coverage that they currently have to offer under the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act.  In other words, instead of an 80 year old couple being obligated to pay for maternity coverage or a man being forced to pay for breast cancer screenings, as long as you CAN buy a plan that covers all that ridiculous nonsense (and charges obscene premiums and deductibles as a result) then you will have the choice to buy a plan that does NOT.

This coupled with doing away with the mandates would effectively completely end the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act.  And of course the left is losing its mind over this.  Reports on this are coming out from places like the Kaiser Foundation (whose parent company, Kaiser Permanente, has its fingerprints all over the original Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act) screaming about how this will make the ridiculous plans even more expensive.  Uh, yeah.  If everybody isn’t paying for tons of stuff they don’t need, then the few people who do (or think they do) will have to pay more for the full concierge service.  It’s not everyone else’s fault that you’re a man who thinks you need a mammogram.

They have also returned to beating the familiar drum about “pre-existing conditions,” because that still grabs folks by the heart strings and gives them a reason to wail and cry and tangentially claim that Republicans are evil and heartless and want to kill your grandma.  First of all, if you think the Democrats care about people with pre-existing conditions as anything more than a propaganda tool, you’re sorely deluded.  Look at how they’re talking about Charlie Gard if you need proof of that. And second, if we need to deal with pre-existing conditions, okay, fine.  We can do that (and could have done that) without blowing trillions of dollars and half-nationalizing a sixth of the American economy on a plan that was designed to fail and sold to stupid people with lies.  All of which, the Democrats have admitted to in as many words.  This wasn’t about health care and it never has been.  It’s about pushing and advancing socialism.  If we need to “do something” about pre-existing conditions then do it, but for the love of Leeroy, don’t call it “insurance.”  It isn’t.  Once you have a condition, you’re not “insuring” against anything.  That’s why you can’t get insurance with a pre-existing condition, retards, NOT because the insurance companies hate you but because the insurance companies do not, in fact, exist to pay your medical bills.

If you really want to fix health care costs (and education costs for that matter), the way you do it is real simple: stop having the government pay for it.  Medicare is the single biggest reason why health care is so damned expensive, because the government said they’d pay for it and it didn’t matter what the price tag was, so up go the charges.  And if you charge Grandma Fogerty $2500 for an MRI because you bill it to Medicare and Grandma never knows the difference, then when your kid goes in with a concussion it looks kinda funny to Uncle Sam if you just have to pay $150.


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