Susan Collins is a complete idiot

Maine’s “Republican” senator (as opposed to her “Independent” senator, both of whom are really Democrats), who is feted and praised as a “moderate” voice in the “crazy” GOP, was on the Sunday shows saying she doesn’t want to make the same mistake the Democrats made when they passed the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act.  Does she mean she doesn’t want to force people to buy something they don’t want on pain of steep penalty?  No.  Does she mean she doesn’t want to lie to people to sneak something through that they wouldn’t want if they knew the truth about it?  Of course not.  Does she mean she doesn’t want to create a multitrillion dollar boondoggle that is designed to fail  spectacularly and leave people thinking they have no alternative but to go full socialist single payer?  Don’t be silly.

No, the “mistake” Senator Collins does not want to repeat is not getting a single vote from the other party for the bill.  Which remember, the Democrats didn’t get a single Republican, not even the feckless Collins, on board for their ridiculous dumpster fire.  Because you see, being bipartisan is important, for some reason.  Appeasing the lunatic left that pushed this catastrophe through on a wing, a prayer (to what deity I don’t know), and budget reconciliation late one dark December night is apparently more important to this buffoon than undoing the harm it’s wreaking on millions of Americans.

Not only is this stupid as hell, but it’s either completely misguided or it’s a pretense for being unwilling to unwind this monstrosity.  It’s plainly a call for the bill, whatever it looks like, to be as “ACA-lite” as possible, which will mean it will be slightly less horrific than its current incarnation, but still horrific by any analysis.  It’s a demand to “moderate” the bill and make concessions to the lunatic left, which will then put conservatives like Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson on their heels and force them to choose between leaving the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act intact, or trading up incrementally in light of the “anything is an improvement” situation we are presently in.  And it’s either retardedly stupid to think that any concession will garner a single Democrat vote, or this is a play at making a show of effort that will end up with the squishy moderates and establishment types throwing up their hands and saying “well, we tried, but gollygoshdarnitall, we just can’t get rid of it!” or worse, pointing to the conservative holdouts and blaming them for being unable to pass a simple one-sentence “The Affordable Care Act and all ancillary legislation thereto are hereby repealed in entirety” bill.  As I have said before, the Democrats staked their party and their future on the ACA.  They may have in fact sacrificed the Democratic party to get the biggest step towards socialism since the Great Society rammed through on a shoestring vote–and while they did it gladly they will be damned if they will give it up.  As long as that massive bulwark of government interference and socialist insanity remains standing, the Democrats and the insane left have hope.  If (when) we break it, if we undo it, that means they have lost their whole gamble and have nothing to show for it, not even a Russian hacker.  If you think there is any chance in hell that a single Democrat will put his name to the undoing of what he and his compatriots have seen their party fall to ruin for, then you are either insane or a liar.

Frankly, why in God’s name do we want them to like the replacement?  They’re solely responsible for this mess in the first place and they have the arrogance to think and tell people it’s going along just great (then five minutes later berate the Republicans for “not fixing” the super-duper-awesome and working just fine ACA, and/or telling people what we really need is socialist single-payer).  If there’s one thing we DON’T want in the replacement, it’s bipartisanship.  If we’re so determined that there has to be a replacement bill, and I would still rather just see it repealed and go status quo ante but if not, I want these statist monsters to look at the bill and cry.  I want them to march in the streets and set fires and be their violent and irrational crybaby selves.  I want them to parse every syllable and declare it the worstest thing since Todd Akin.  I want them to seethe as it passes and I want to hear their rage as courts block this provision or that provision and one by one get shot down.  I want it to hurt.  I want them to see their prize, their great dream goal, crumble to dust before their very eyes just like Dr. Pantsuit’s campaign.  So no, Senator Collins, having no Democrat votes supporting the Republican bill is definitely not a bug, but a feature.

I’ve actually met Susan Collins in real life.  Not as in I was ever introduced or anything, but at a campaign event before the primary she ended up winning (barely) to go up against Joe Brennan to win the Senate seat she’s been in for too long I stood not six feet away from her.  I can attest that this is not a case of someone being in Washington too long–she was a lying little shriveled troll of a woman twenty years ago, and she’s only gotten more wrinkled and less coherent as time has passed.  But one thing she has never been is a Republican.  So I can say to Senator Collins, if you’re so goddamned worried about a Democrat voting for this bill, then you ought to vote for it and ease your concerns.  Because you’re a Democrat too.


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