Just ignore it

I’m done.  Might come back to this subject to wrap it up but it’s way past over and it’s not worth my time or yours.

I don’t care what the claim is about Donald Trump Jr. and his emails.  If it’s the worst case scenario that the media is breathlessly hoping for for some reason, guess what children, it’s still nothing.  For God’s sake, the Ukrainian government was cutting down candidate Trump and working on behalf of Dr. Pantsuit, Saudi princes and foreign donors bankrolled her campaign, and nobody cares.  And the only reason this could even happen in the first place is because Dr. Pantsuit was such a corrupt, degenerate piece of filth who had gotten away with it for years and shrugged off silver bullet after silver bullet.  Now we’re supposed to be incensed that her political opponent was open to hearing smoking-gun evidence of her wrongdoing?

Give me a break.  Just ignore it, people.  They’re beyond finished.  They won’t go away, but they’re done.


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