Okay, you really cannot be serious…

So it appears that today’s media meltdown is over an alleged meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and supposed “Russians” who claimed to have “incriminating evidence” about Dr. Pantsuit.  During this supposed meeting, said “incriminating evidence” never materialized and the conversation quickly turned to Russian adoptions.  In other words, it was a bait-and-switch.

And the dinosaur media is out going crazy over this like it could be the silver bullet.  Known liar and famed idiot Tim Kaine went so far as to go public asserting that there could be a “treason” investigation here.

Words.  Maybe Democrats ought to learn how to use them.

If this is the best they’ve got left, that someone tried to shop some oppo research to the Trump campaign who ended up just swindling Trump Jr. out of some air time, then they’re way past done.  There’s not any point in disassembling this or pointing out the numerous things Dr. Pantsuit did that were in the same vein and much, much worse (how does selling 20% of our uranium to Vlad Putin in exchange for Clinton Foundation kickbacks grab you?), because this is beyond stupid.  It’s beyond full retard.  Nothing f***ing happened and they’re convinced it’s the end of the Trump presidency because reasons.

These people are so goddamn pathetic.  Makes you wonder why our leadership cowered in fear of them for so long (and in many cases still do).


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