The voices of the resi…no, the New Counterculture, part 4

Finally getting a chance to pick this set up where I left it in March.  Times change.  Voices have their seasons and then move along.  Ann Coulter has gone a bit loopy.  Alfonso Rachel has shifted over into more preaching than politics (which is fine).  I’ve come to realize Steven Crowder is a centrist.  Bill Whittle put out a couple of Firewalls and then managed to pull out of what I considered to be a downward spiral with Scott Ott and Steve Green dragging him down when he got a gig doing a show called “Hot Mic” on NRATV.  And apparently this “resistance” thing has stuck to the left like “Occupy Wall Street,” as comical as it is to think of the people running the mainstream media as “resisting” anything.  So I’m going to change the running title of this series, of which this ought to be the last installment for the foreseeable future, in accordance with what one of the men I’m going to profile today has called us: the New Counterculture.

Paul Joseph Watson: Currently PJW is the best thing InfoWars has going for it.  He’s a British journalist who actually engages in journalism, which means he spends the bulk of his time spreading what the left calls “hate facts” and calling them out on their nonsense.  He’s the one who has declared that “conservatism is the new counter culture” and he’s absolutely 100% right.  He’s extremely forceful and blunt and cuts things right down to the core issues quickly and with biting humor that makes the left seethe.  Apparently he has a massive community of haters on Twitter which of course means he’s doing something right.  Watson has a few shaky spots in his repertoire–like the rest of InfoWars he’s hung up on the “Iraq War was bad” line, and he’s made some anti-Israel videos before that I was less than pleased with, but on the whole he’s one of the best voices out there, InfoWars or not.

Stefan Molyneux: I have posted many videos from Stefan over the existence of this blog.  He considers himself a modern philosopher and bills his show as the largest of its kind in the world, which it may well be.  Stefan does basically three kinds of shows: his solo commentaries or one-on-one interviews on current events or historical topics (differentiated by “What Pisses Me Off About” or “The Truth About” in the title); his call-in show where he takes questions from people and either chats with them about philosophical or political topics or proceeds to destroy them with a cross between the Socratic method and WWE; and his “Week In Review” which doesn’t seem to be ongoing but which I’ve had to turn off more than a few times for Stefan’s meandering down a tangent.  I’m not really a fan of his chats with random callers either.  Stefan also has a few hangups and is not shy about unloading high-snark mockery against people who disagree with him–he’s also a big drum-beater about the Iraq War being “criminal” (sorry, it wasn’t) and he sponsors the idea that Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president (sorry, he is), but again, a few misguided blind spots don’t ruin the whole package.  Stefan is not shy about displaying the full range of his emotions (and he’s a very emotional guy really) and erupting into rants and tirades as full of logic and reason as they are hyperbole and profanity (both of which can be useful tools in the hands of someone like him).  He’s also not afraid to take on subjects that are unpopular or taboo, like how genetics can and do affect intellect and in turn that affects culture, or how (gasp) men and women are inherently different.  When he’s bad he’s garbage and it’s almost sad to watch because the blinders are so very obvious.  But when he’s on target, as he most often is, there’s no one I would rather have on my side in an intellectual argument.  Also, he’s an atheist who acknowledges the positive contributions of Christians both in history and in modern society.  Got to give him credit there.

Lauren Southern: Formerly of Rebel Media, I almost left Lauren out because since she left Rebel she has kind of dropped off the radar, but I think I’d be remiss in not at least mentioning this valkyrie goddess (who identifies as an attack helicopter in case you were wondering).  Lauren is young, female, beautiful, and fearless, and therefore the left hates her guts.  She is an excellent exemplar of actual honest-to-goodness journalism that crosses the line more often than not into activism, but she’s not afraid to go right into the lion’s den, whether it’s a “Slut Walk” or a BLM protest or the Berkeley riots or even Antifa at the G20, and she’s been attacked plenty of times and doused in countless awful substances for it.  She still turns up as a guest with people like Stefan Molyneux and for the foreseeable future I think she’s going to be where the action is whether she has a major platform or not, God bless her.

TFM: Okay…I’m going to have to ask you to bear with me on this one.  The initials stand for a YouTuber who goes by the name Turd Flinging Monkey.  He’s actually explained this and why he doesn’t change his handle to something more serious: a monkey flinging a turd is using the only weapon that no one can take away in a struggle that is probably ultimately futile, and that’s how he sees himself.  You see, TFM is what’s known as a MGTOW, or Men Going Their Own Way, which is a mindset born of today’s culture’s hatred and institutionalized discrimination against men in favor of women.  If you’re laughing, you’d best stop.  He’s right.  I don’t have time to get into MGTOW philosophy and gynocentrism in this post but I might do it in the future.  You may think that this would mean his YouTube channel is full of stuff about how much he hates women, and you’d be wrong.  TFM is actually one of the most thoughtful, well-researched commenters I’ve ever come across, presenting excellent background work in pop culture, history, science, economics, and foreign cultures, and making arguments that are virtually factually irrefutable.  You might not like what he has to say but I dare you to argue with him.  The real kicker is that he sees himself as  warning of what is inevitable rather than as advocating solutions for the problems he sees, and the future he foresees (based on real facts, evidence, and history) is not pretty for men OR women.

Milo Yiannopoulos: Before I started this series, Milo was on a roll, selling out appearances, drawing massive protests, and melting snowflakes at college campuses nationwide.  Since then, thanks to some NeverTrump jackasses, Milo has stepped down at Breitbart and has been noticeably less visible for a few months.  His book, “Dangerous,” is still coming out soon (it may actually be out now) despite the publisher pulling out over comments Milo made (and which I did a post on around the time it happened).  I’ve heard and seen indications that Milo is trying to make a comeback and I honestly hope he does, he’s both fearless and entertaining and he’s exactly the kind of spokesman modern conservatism needs.

Andrew Breitbart: I would also be remiss if I did not mention this man, although by the time I discovered him and the website that bears his name, he had passed away.  Suspiciously I might add, but we’ll hold off the conspiracy theories.  Breitbart was the fearless alternative media personality who trained and inspired men like James O’Keefe, Ben Shapiro, and many others in the art of adversary journalism, and he is the visionary who first said that “politics is downstream from culture.”  He was right.  He was instrumental in exposing ACORN voter fraud, in exposing Anthony Weiner, and in countering the dinosaur media narratives surrounding both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement.  Breitbart was a fighter whose legacy stands to this day and name that brings out the vilest hate from the left you can imagine.

Rush Limbaugh: I have saved the titan for last.  You see folks, when I was a precocious kid of about ten years old, I thought there was something wrong with me.  I thought I was a bad person, because I didn’t agree with the stuff I saw on TV all the time.  I didn’t think welfare helped poor people or affirmative action was doing anything but prolonging racism or that envirofascism was in any way based on reality, and many other things that added up to I was not a liberal.  I guess that meant I had no heart.  Well, in the run-up to the 1992 election, my dad started listening to a guy on the radio who caught my attention at first with the funny fake ads he ran in his bumper rotation, and held it when I started hearing him say the things I believed.  And to make a long story short, I learned both that I was not a bad person, and that I was not alone.  Far from it.  To this day that remains what convinces me of the intent and effect of the dinosaur media, including Hollywood, is to subtly and almost subliminally convince people, especially young people, that not only is something wrong with them if they aren’t leftists, but that they are the only ones who aren’t.  Resistance is futile.  And then there was this guy on the radio.  Rush is where the alternative media got started, the first voice of opposition to break the dinosaur media monopoly.  The left screamed bloody murder and tried to pass laws or promote competitors or claim Rush needed to be balanced with “equal time” (to which his classic response was “I AM equal time!” meaning the left had literally everyone else), but Rush was unstoppable.  We lost in 1992, due to a lot of factors that would take too long to discuss here, but in 1994 we won big, and Rush was part of that.  In 2008 he and his listeners launched “Operation Chaos” to drag out the Democrat primary as long as possible (and the numbers indicate they succeeded), and all along Rush has been the same thorn in the side of the left and the Democrats since he first hit the airwaves almost thirty years ago.  As for me, I consider the man to be my mentor, and that the most important part of my political reawakening was the day I went looking for Rush on the radio again.  And really, it says so much about the lunatic left that they consider this man, one little deaf guy talking on the radio, to be the biggest threat to their agenda–and the best part is, they’re right about that.

I will get links up to every one I have profiled (at least positively–not going to link to Beck or to the NeverTrump-infested Daily Wire) in the coming days.  Maybe in the future there’ll be more voices to talk about.  We are the new counterculture.


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