Words that leftists should not use, chapter 2

We’re back with my latest installment series, sorry for the extended hiatus but I’m sure a couple of my recent entries have made the reason I was away clear.

Today’s example of a word or phrase leftists really ought to stop trying to use, in honor of CNN deciding to blow themselves up for the Fourth of July, is “fake news.”  Recall if you will that the origin of the term “fake news” was not President Trump or the conservative alternative media, even though we have been crying out for decades now that the dinosaur media is horrifically biased.  No my friends, the term only came to life during the course of this last election and its aftermath where the news sources that have been lying and making up or covering up the news for generations now (h/t to Walter Duranty and Walter Cronkite) tried to say that the actual news that reported stuff they did not want people to hear, they were the “fake news.”

So, “fake news” does NOT mean “news we don’t like,” as the fake news media tries to claim even though that is the very definition they operated under when they coined the term.  “Fake news” does NOT mean any news that is critical of President Trump or not good for the administration.  There’s plenty of that this is not fake.  “Fake news” literally means what it sounds like–it means news that is not really news, but is made up or covered up in order to push an agenda.  It’s reporters giving debate questions to one candidate (guess who) in advance of debates.  It’s so-called journalists submitting their articles on their preferred candidate to that candidate’s campaign team in advance of publication and expressly inviting them to edit as they see fit.  It’s the entire media establishment harping on a bogus story that they all admit is “bulls**t” and a “nothingburger” but it’s supposedly “good for ratings.”  It’s a fawning press corps asking an ex-president whose name I can’t remember “what about the presidency enchants you?” or “are the GOP candidates crazy, stupid, evil, or all of the above?”  I’ll let you guess which one of those is a direct quote and which one is paraphrased.

So when CNN and the Democrat establishment go out crying about “freedom of the press” and “attacks on the media,” my response is “freedom of the press is great!  But what does that have to do with criticizing political hacks like you?”  Because the dinosaur media is not the press anymore.  The “press” is understood to be reporting facts and news in an unbiased fashion, and nowadays even “fair and balanced” Fox News has drifted center-left.  The dinosaur media are the propaganda arm of the radical left that has taken both them and the Democratic party over.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re still entitled to free speech, but they’re not “the press” and haven’t been for a long, long time.

Tune in next week for another word or short phrase that liberals should really not be using until they can use it properly.


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