CNN, Fake News, and the coming media collapse

The news that is making the rounds today is CNN’s (possibly felonious) doxxing threat against a guy on Reddit who allegedly made a meme of President Trump bodyslamming the CNN logo at Wrestlemania.  CNN hunted this guy down, wrung an apology out of him that chillingly said that he “hopes he will serve as an example to others,” and left him with the warning that they reserved the right to reveal his identity should he return to his CNN-mocking ways.  Of course they call it “hate” and “bigotry” and other lefty buzz words but we all know those words do not mean what the leftists at CNN and in the rest of the dinosaur media like to pretend.

Meanwhile, Fake News Prime Jim Acosta is out wailing about President Trump calling on a semi-friendly reporter at a press conference as he snivels in the corner that he IS NOT fake news (to which the only reply is “ARE TOO!”), and Chris Cillizza is still clinging to the now-quite-dead Russian collusion narrative and claiming that President Trump is “denying” Russia interfered in the election.  Seriously, if James Comey’s testimony didn’t deep-six that non-story then James O’Keefe’s expose definitely killed it dead.  Look people, for once you did get something right: fake news is not news you don’t like.  The dinosaur media would have been well advised to remember this when they created the term “fake news” to describe alternative and conservative media in the first place, which to them includes Fox News and everything to their right (which considering how far to the left Fox has drifted is saying quite a lot).  Fake news is what it sounds like: fake.  It is lies, distortions, omissions, “confidential sources” that never pan out, abject bias, and self-admitted witch hunting against Republicans in general and President Trump in particular.  These people cannot stand that a Republican politician (nevermind president) will punch back at them and that conservative media has a seat at the table.  Then as they scream about “bullying” and “threats of violence,” which get real, this .gif is neither, they threaten to dox a guy who they suspect has dared to make fun of them, and trot him out to practically say he has been treated very well by his captors and regrets ever taking action against them.

Some have called this the start of “GamerGate 2.0,” only this time instead of a few feminist harpies versus video gamers (a fight the gamers won, handily), the sides are squaring up to be CNN versus pretty much the whole internet.  I’m not liking CNN’s odds in that matchup.  As I am watching this unfold I am reminded of a monologue Rush Limbaugh had a couple of months back, about how many folks are waiting and eagerly hoping the media is going to push too far and that they’re standing at the brink already.  The reasoning is that the media cannot keep up their lies, distortions, flagrant bias and concealment of the truth forever, and eventually it must blow back on them.  In other words, their corruption will lead to their collapse.  Rush said, much as he’d like to see it happen, it never will, and as usual I am inclined to agree with Rush.  Sorry to bait you with the title of this post, but the media collapse is not coming.

That does not mean that the dinosaur media is not on the decline and will not go functionally extinct.  The left props up institutions like the press without regard for cost or effectiveness like a church choir full of tone-deaf seventy-year-old ladies, all decked out in bright new robes and accompanied by a brand new electric organ.  The dinosaur media’s benefactors will rally to their defense and keep their lifeblood flowing as long as they keep preaching even if it’s only to the faithful, because there is still utility in keeping what’s left of the flock in line, and there is authority in establishment.  Names like CNN and the New York Times give an aura of legitimacy and gravity to the hacks and fake news peddlers who use them as platforms and serve as a buffer against the increasing skepticism of the less-committed.  And if you think the lunatic left cares if these institutions turn a profit you’re sorely mistaken.  The left plays the long game and is very, very patient.  That’s part of why they reacted in such horror to the election.  They put all their chips on Dr. Pantsuit, bet the farm and the house and the horse they rode in on, and they lost.  They lost an investment a century in the making and with every move from President Trump, every .gif and every retweet of exposure of fake news they get further and further from any chance of ever rebuilding.

They will drive viewers away as they demonstrate who and what they really are.  They will wake up anyone capable of being awakened and make no mistake, their stranglehold monopoly on information has been broken.  We have President Trump to thank for that in large part.  But they will not collapse.  They may wither, they may be relegated even further into irrelevance, but they’ll be there, croaking at their ever-shrinking congregations and running off the fumes of their long-overdrawn reputations and name recognition, funded by leftist ideologues as long as they remain useful.


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