Independence Day

Happy 4th of July folks.  I’m going to say without hint of regret or hesitation that it really does feel more like Independence Day today than it has in a very long time.  It kind of feels like that birthday you weren’t sure a loved one was going to see but here they are, healthy and improving by the day and ready to blow out some candles and eat some delicious junk food.  President Trump, and by extension the country, keeps winning more and more every day and the dinosaur media is reduced to wailing like impudent toddlers over .gif images of the President bodyslamming CNN.

The metaphor of a recovering relative is apt in more ways than one, because while we are on the mend and doing great, we still have a long way to come back.  One man can only pull us so far, whether he’s the doctor or the President.  Stefan Molyneux did a video (which I will link below) about what is disturbing to him about the nation that is celebrating today.  In a nutshell, he goes on at length about the sacrifices and struggle it took to establish this country or to come to it when it was new and all it promised was the freedom to make your own way, and how innumerable people endured tremendous hardship and often risked death just to get here.  Today’s descendants of those valiant folks, well, some of them are worthy of their heritage.  I like to think that most of us are.  Others are microwaving EBT hot dogs and watching fireworks displays on MSNBC while taking selfies in their Bernie or Black Lives Matter shirts with their Whatshisnamephones.  For them, celebrating “Independence Day” is an oxymoron in practice.  As opposed to California Senator Kamala Harris, who recently tweeted “don’t take our stuff” in opposition to repealing the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act, who is simply a moron.

(In the unlikely event that you don’t get the joke, money that is taken from other people to pay for outrageously expensive mostly useless insurance is by definition NOT “your stuff.”  It is expressly someone ELSE’s stuff.  Moving on.)

I am reminded of a Garfield comic I may have mentioned before, but it’s ok, it’s a good one.  Garfield the cat looks in the window of a pet store and muses how it’s not fair and not right, all those animals in cages, and by golly he’s gonna do something about it.  So he runs into the pet shop and opens all the cages yelling (in a thought balloon) “You’re free!  You’re free!”  The animals all respond by cowering in their enclosures with looks of terror on their faces.  Garfield thinks this through and realizes that freedom is apparently not so popular these days.  So he runs back through the store closing the cages back up again crying out “You’re secure!  You’re secure!” as the little animals all smile happily.  To all too many people living here nowadays, there ought to be a separate holiday, “Dependence Day.”  It ought to be January 8, to commemorate President Lyndon Johnson’s declaration of the “War on Poverty” in 1964, and should be observed by everyone who thinks they’re entitled to a living and free college and free health care and otherwise wants to be cared for by the state, and incidentally thinks that America is an awful place and the source of all the world’s troubles.

For the rest of us, we’ll keep right on celebrating July 4th as long as we can keep America on life support, and we’ll mark the occasion with big colorful explosions and patriotism and meat of all kinds cooked over actual fire.  It’s too soon to tell if we’ve merely bought ourselves some time with the election of President Trump or if we’ve actually started to turn things around, but part of the American spirit is seizing the chance you’re given.  So to everyone who cares more about the freedom to direct their own fate than the fact that the neighbor might have a nicer car than you, Happy Independence Day.  We have a proud legacy to uphold after all:


Stefan Molyneux on Independence Day:



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