Returning to normal

Life goes on.  I’m getting used to the little furry absence in my home.  So it’s time to move along and get back down to business.  As this will be sort of a recap of the past week and a half, and a big week and a half they have been, this one might run a little long and off on a few tangents.

So first of all, not too long ago in response to a puff piece about ex-president Whatshisname, it came out that the last administration did precisely nothing about “Russian hacking” during the presidential election short of telling Vladimir Putin to “cut it out” and then “cut it out or else,” until of course after the election when Whatshisname decided that flirting with World War III and trying to make an even bigger mess for incoming President Trump would be a good way to score some political points.  Taken as a whole, it begins to look like the last administration knew that foreign governments might or would try to influence the election, but that they were unconcerned about it and at the very least did not want such talk to taint what they had convinced themselves was a surefire win for Dr. Pantsuit.  Of course mocking Republicans for concerns about vote fraud has been DNC standard operating procedure for years.  But I think it goes further than that.  I think Dr. Pantsuit and the Democrats played it cool on allegations of Russian collusion not because they were not concerned about it happening, but because they expected it to be in her favor.  After all, Whatshisname had pretty much abandoned Eastern Europe, Crimea, and Ukraine, and Dr. Pantsuit sold Putin our uranium, why wouldn’t he be in favor of her?  I’ll expand on this more in the future if evidence presents itself.

Next up we have the much bigger news released by James O’Keefe in what’s looking to be his biggest sting scoop since ACORN, where he gets CNN producers and analysts (including “whitelash” Van Jones) to acknowledge that the “Russian collusion” story is “mostly bulls**t” done for ratings and that it’s a “nothingburger.”  I’m going to link a couple of videos from Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux here to give the full details but if the Comey implosion was checkmate, then this is the point where we get up from the table, put the pieces back into the box, and walk away.  The damage, however, has been done–Scott Adams has done a series of Dilbert strips about Dilbert being accused of collaborating with the Elbonians and I will link one of them below as well.  The sole comfort in this is that the people who bought this line, wanted to buy it.  Anyone who is interested in the truth (and there are more out there than the dinosaur media wants you to believe) is watching O’Keefe.

Then of course there is the latest outrage regarding President Trump and his Twitter account.  I’m only going to acknowledge that it’s going on and it involves Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and a meme where Donald Trump slams someone with the CNN logo for a head at Wrestlemania.  Look folks, these people are used to being able to slam and smear and attack Republican politicians who just sit by and take it, or respond with erudite and high-minded ripostes that most of the mouth-breathers out there can’t even understand.  President Trump is a master communicator and I maintain that his greatest achievement will be demolishing the dinosaur media as we know it, no matter what else he is able to do.  I’m disheartened but not surprised by the number of Republican politicians who are jumping on this “oh this is unacceptable” bandwagon, but at the same time I am encouraged by the fact that the President just keeps right on going.  When the President starts suggesting legislation (and by “suggesting” I mean actually drafting and submitting it to Congress, not spitballing on Twitter) to curtail the freedom of the press then I might get concerned.  Until then, no it is not the end of our civilization, and no it is not at all unacceptable for President Trump to fire back at people who blather about exiling him after his impeachment (which Mad Maxine Waters did) or who attack him on a regular basis or share their (in some cases graphic) fantasies about his violent death.

And I will note that as of now, the dinosaur media has gone on for longer with far greater outrage about a couple of tweets sent by the president than they have for the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise and the congressional Republicans.  Remember Steve?  The GOP representative who got shot by one of these special snowflakes in a planned, calculated, cold-blooded attack that was NOT a “mass shooting?”  Who was upgraded to serious condition from critical condition last I heard–and that is the LAST I have heard?  Gee, I seem to remember daily updates on one Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot by a deranged Democrat-leaning nut, but who cares about the House majority whip and the fact that he might never walk again?  I DO.  But can’t waste time on that when the president is tweeting!  Oh no–there’s a .gif of him pile driving a guy with the CNN logo for a face!

This all brings to mind a couple of tangential things I will close with.  A few months ago I wrote a post called “They’re not going to stop throwing the rocks, guys,” and that continues to be relevant–I might do an updated one in the coming days.  The point was that it doesn’t matter how we behave, or what the president does, or how much we cave and give in to the left, they’re going to continue to attack us, continue to savage us, continue to call us crazy, and yeah, they’re up to bike locks and guns and they’re just getting more desperate with every passing day.  Bad things are going to happen–and they’re not going to come from the right.  But turning around, giving in, trying to compromise or otherwise dealing with these people like they can be negotiated with will not stop it.  They’re not going to stop throwing the rocks.  Not ever.  Not even when we’re down and wounded.  They didn’t lay off Steve Scalise when one of their own shot him through the stomach–they kept right on attacking him about “killing people by taking away their healthcare” while his family wished him well on Father’s Day when he was still in critical condition.  Critical condition from a bullet fired by one of their own, an increasingly-typical leftist activist.  I couldn’t help thinking about that when I put up George’s story–sure, I’m not Steve Scalise and I didn’t get shot, no one tried to assassinate me, I’m nobody on the internet and if I’m lucky a dozen people will ever read that story, but still, these people have no shame and no restraint.  They do not and will not hold back on their hateful nonsense even when we are injured and grieving.  This is why we cannot wait and pause to mourn the dead when a tragedy occurs, because we have learned from history (something the left refuses to do) and we know they will be calling for our guns and our talk radio before the shell casings have all hit the ground.

Hang on tight and keep moving forward folks.

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