Georgia Six, for real this time

It’s just before 10 PM EST and it is looking very much like, as predicted, the majority of voters in the district that gave us Newt Gingrich have united like Voltron behind Karen Handel despite the Democrats nationwide pouring more money into this race than any other Congressional race in history.  I’m not going to claim that Karen Handel is an amazing conservative standard bearer but next to pajama-boy Jon Ossoff she’s Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher’s love child.  Except that those two paragons of conservative principle would never have an illicit child, but one can dream.

I was listening to reports from Georgia Six about the wall-to-wall campaign ads going on there, to the extent that no other advertisers are able to get airtime, and I heard an ad put out by an anti-Ossoff group putting in plain terms that the people who cheered–cheered–for leftist would-be assassin Hodgkinson inflicting permanent wounds on Steve Scalise are also cheering for Ossoff to win.  It’s true.  It’s a fact the left is desperate to cover up.  And then the news interviewed someone whose insipid “buh-I-don’t-like-the-negative-ads-waaaah” response to this was, I kid you not, “I was like, dude, really?”

Um, yeah, “dude,” REALLY.  Do you people NOT get that there was an attempted political assassination last week?  That the party out there brimming with hate and screeching that the GOP is going to kill people and destroy the planet is backing this beta kid whose whole campaign platform is “let’s make Trump mad?”  That contrary to the efforts of the dinosaur media and the establishment, the people are LOVING what President Trump is doing, and the left cannot stand it?

And anybody notice that all the polls that had pajama-boy up for the past month suddenly shifted in the last week?  Funny how they do that EVERY SINGLE TIME.

In the time it took me to type this post it looks like the race has been called for Handel, who maintains a solid five point lead with 81% of the vote in.  Sorry “resistance,” but I’m not sorry.


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