While everyone was watching the Comey tent collapse…

James Comey’s colossal nothingburger with a side of nothing now has him being compared by feminist writers to a victim of workplace sexual harassment.

James Comey, the six-foot-eight-inch former director of the FBI, the onetime head of the toughest and most respected investigative force in the world, is apparently now getting honorary victim status.

Okay, fine.  While all the special snowflakes were off watching this and waiting for the other shoe to drop (it didn’t), the Senate parliamentarian made a very important ruling.  The Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act, having been passed by budget reconciliation in the first place, can be repealed by reconciliation.  The fires of Mount Doom that made it can be used to un-make it.  This means that a bare fifty votes are needed to pass a repeal.

This means that not even all the Republicans have to vote for repeal–brainless Susan Collins or feckless John McCain can go vote against it all they want and Mike Pence will still be able to cast the tiebreaker.  I’m honestly surprised and more than a little impressed the GOP might actually be capitalizing on the perfectly good nonsense distraction the Democrats served up.


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