Reforming Islam

The religion of peace has been very busy spreading its unique brand of cultural diversity these past couple of weeks.  The latest attack took place when three women yelling “Allah!” drew knives and went after another woman working in a nursery.  Again, this happened in the United Kingdom.  As if they needed more reasons to remember in the next couple weeks why they voted for Brexit.

The frequency of attacks has just continued to increase and increase, the body count goes up, and the left (Euroweenies in particular) just steadfastly refuse to get it.  I believe it was the mayor of London who shrugged and said “eh, terror attacks are just part of life in a big city of the world like this!”  Echoing that sentiment are leftists on both sides of the Atlantic, bleating about love and hugging it out and how going about your life and refusing to be terrorized is how you defeat terrorism.  Except when they say “refuse to be terrorized” they mean “don’t act like it’s a big deal, don’t blame Muslims, don’t blame all this wonderful diversity, just go about your business and accept that this is the way the world works and you actually kind of deserve it for being a white westerner.”  That’s not, in fact, refusing to be terrorized.  That is inviting more terrorism.  Meanwhile when President Trump gets up and uses strong terms to describe what everyone knows and can see is going on, he’s ripped and criticized and accused of being “un-presidential” by people who are more afraid of this “backlash against Muslims” which practically never happens than they are of nail bombs going off in crowds of teenaged girls.

But my point today is not to talk about the left’s reactions to Islamic terror.  I could go on, I might some other time, but that’s not what I wanted to discuss today except in one context, and that is the practice Western apologists for Islam have adopted of asserting that Islam is a “religion of peace” and that the terrorists “do not represent Islam” and that “not all Muslims” are terrorists.  Well, on that last point, they’re right…mostly.  However, on the other two, not at all.  There is nothing in Christianity or Judaism that calls for the murder of nonbelievers (no I do not care what overzealous conquistadores did when they “converted” American Indians at gunpoint, they were not acting on any Biblical orders) but you can’t say that of Islam.  Islam’s holy book outright calls for infidels to be beheaded, sanctions lying to nonbelievers, and promises paradise to the faithful who die carrying out jihad.  It is expressly a religion of violence.

Now I am sure there are verses and passages in the Quran and other Islamic holy books that talk about peace and harmony and loving your neighbor and things like that.  That’s great–but they can’t coexist in any sort of intellectual or philosophical way with commands to eviscerate people who don’t share your religion.  Looking back to things like the conquistadores and the Spanish Inquisition (which was really not nearly as big a deal as people like to believe), we know that the Catholic church had a period of time where they sanctioned using force and violence to “evangelize” Jews and heathens and other nonbelievers, and at that time the church was basically synonymous with Christianity, but you also have to look at the historical context.  The Catholic church of the Dark Ages was as much or even more a political institution than a religious body.  Mass was held in a language nobody understood and the people were forbidden to read the Bible for themselves (nevermind that most of them couldn’t read their own language anyway, much less Latin).  Popes commanded armies and crowned emperors both directly and indirectly.  This went on until something happened: the Protestant Reformation.  I won’t go into too much detail but the almost immediate result of the Protestants splitting off from the Roman Catholic Church was not only the end of the Dark Ages, not only the creation of numerous sects of Protestantism that form the basis for the denominations we know today, but it also triggered a reformation within the Catholic church itself that led to the modern Catholic church.  With that came the final configuration of the Bible as we know it today and the excision of what is known as the Apocrypha, books that were once included in the Bible that are not there any longer.

In other words, we had a reformation, cut some stuff out of the holy book, kept the basic principles intact, and wouldn’t you know it, the Dark Ages ended.

Islam has never had such a reformation.  And they still live in the Dark Ages.  Sure, they have smartphones and cars and high-speed internet and automatic weapons, but aside from the trappings of modern life that they “culturally appropriated” from the West (and we’ll talk about how they acquired all that stuff another time) they’re still living in medieval conditions under medieval laws.  Hence, those parts of the Quran saying cut people’s heads off in the name of Allah are still there, still every bit as much of holy writ as John 3:16 is part of the Christian New Testament.  Hence again, the terrorists who kill in the name of Allah and jihad are indeed representative of Islam.  The peaceful Muslims who coexist with Western infidels?  They are “not representative of Islam.”  A Muslim woman once showed me a documentary where a homosexual Muslim went to talk to imams about how Islam views homosexuality and the guy was very direct, the penalty for being gay is death and the only difference between Islamic sects on this issue is the manner of death that is prescribed.  It’s what their book and the guys who know it best say, people.

Now let me stop here and be very clear, that I do NOT believe all Muslims are corrupt, bad, evil people.  That’s absurd.  I think they’re very WRONG and have a few choice thoughts about their religion and its founder but that’s beside the point.  I’ve known plenty of decent, friendly Muslims personally and while I know that is just anecdotal it does bring the point home.  Hell, I actually knew someone from Benghazi, Libya before Benghazi became a household word, and in a lot of ways it looked like a decent place before Dr. Pantsuit helped turn it into a craphole.

My point is that Islam itself is the problem, and that unless and until Islam is reformed, it is and can only be a religion of express and unapologetic violence, oppression, and barbarism, and that every Muslim until that point, EVERY ONE, who does not actively advocate for reform is either complicit in the violence or is a hypocrite.  I am sure that the peaceful, friendly Muslims out there either rationalize away the negative parts of the Quran or find some way to make peace with them, while others let those passages simmer in the back of their minds or boil over into practice.  But as long as the Quran and the teachings of Islam and Sharia law remain as they are and are thus incompatible with the modern world, Islam will remain in its own Dark Ages and will permanently be at odds with the West.  Western apologists cannot fix Islam by making excuses for it or ignoring its ugly parts.  In truth, nothing the West can do can fix Islam for them.  We can, however, destroy it.  Sooner or later we will be forced to do so if things do not change.  People will not tolerate the deaths of innocents forever nor will we heed the cries of “well you deserved it” and write it off as even, and the simple fact is the countries that sponsor this are stuck in the Dark Ages.  Anyone who remembers the Gulf War knows that despite the hand-wringing of the media about the “world’s fourth largest army” and the “elite republican guard” we pretty much walked up to Baghdad.  If we take a mind to eradicating these barbarians, there won’t be a cave deep enough for them to hide in.

Once again, let me be crystal clear: no one wants that.  Or at the very least, I don’t want that, most rational people don’t want that, and those who DO want that typically have very good reason for it.  Yeah, there are some outright racists who’d love to pave the Middle East but for the most part the folks who want to make the sand glow have lost someone to terror.  But the point stands that the civilized world clearly has the power to exterminate Islam, and clearly does not want to do so.  The problem is we are looking at a new type of Cold War, where one side is waging asymmetrical warfare and their soldiers are not only not afraid to die, but many of them are actively seeking death in battle.  Mutually Assured Destruction will not work against a nation that believes that as long as they nuked you first then your retaliatory strike is just their express ticket to 72 virgins.

But if that happens it WILL NOT be the fault of the West.  The only way to prevent this future from coming to pass is to reform Islam much like Christianity was reformed, and obviously the West can’t do that for the Islamic world.  If they truly wish to be a religion of peace then they’re going to have to go in and excise parts of the text that do not fit that description.  They’re going to have to remove the concept of jihad entirely.  They’re going to have to rewrite Sharia to at least acknowledge the existence of secular authority (or in the alternative, they’re going to have to stay in their own countries where their laws are enforced).  They must renounce the declarations of the Ayatollah of Iran where he said “America is the great Satan” and frankly knock it the hell off with the “Death to America” stuff.  And Israel for that matter.  In short, they’ve got to shape up their own act and demonstrate a willingness to be part of the civilized world, or the civilized world is finally going to have enough of them and do something about it.  If they’re all convinced that their god demands the death of all the infidels, well, sorry cupcake, but these infidels aren’t on board with that plan, and if you make it clear that it’s us or you, I’m not betting on you guys being the ones still standing when the dust clears.  You don’t want that, and I don’t want that.  Seriously.

I know that what I am suggesting is not going to be a quick or easy or peaceful process.  When jihadists run out of infidels to behead or blow up they turn to apostates and agnostics and other Islamic heretics (little known fact: Muslims kill other Muslims over religion more than they do “infidels,” think about that).  I am under no delusions that the reformers will not be met with bloody and violent opposition.  More than a few Protestant leaders met their end burning at a stake.  And again, I want to be clear, I’m not cheering for this, I will mourn with the world when the reports come in of a moderating voice being killed by Islamic purists.  As much as I think the road will be long and difficult, I do see a glimmer of light in that I honestly think the Islamic world is ready for such a reformation.  I think leaders like President Al-Sisi of Egypt are sterling examples of West-friendly moderates who would be supportive of reformation efforts if not leaders of such efforts themselves.  It’s not a moment too soon.

Look guys, if you really believe in your hearts that Allah wants you to blow me and my family up, I get it.  I understand being devoted to your religion and committed to the point of martyrdom.  But here’s the thing: you may be willing to die for your faith, but I am not willing to die because your faith says to kill me.  Neither is most of the West (some guilty liberals may differ, I suggest they give you all hugs so they absorb more shrapnel that way).  If you make us make that choice…well, let’s just say, DON’T make us make that choice.  You have a hard road ahead, with one path leading through difficult times to what promises to be a new golden age, the other one still pretty rocky and leading to extinction.  I can’t choose for you nor can I walk the path for you.  But one way or the other, I and the Western world will be waiting for you on the other side.


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