Zombie NeverTrumpers

For anyone who has been reading this blog for a while, or has had the fortitude to look back into my pre-election archives, or is familiar with my comments on Twitchy, you know that #NeverTrump and I have not been on very good terms.  For some, for many, I tried long and hard to reason with and treat like the friends and allies I always thought they were, I myself being a diehard Ted Cruz supporter right up until the last domino fell.  I’ve always acknowledged that President Trump is not a doctrinaire conservative and has some disturbing tendencies in his past but I balanced that with the fact that he’s not a liberal either, he’s a businessman (or as I often put it, Trump is simply Trump), and frankly anyone was better than Dr. Pantsuit.  And I made myself hoarse arguing to people that you have a binary choice and voting for someone like Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson or leaving the presidential box blank was not going to “send a message” to anybody, and God help you if you actually checked the box for Dr. Pantsuit.  For many folks, I agreed to disagree and moved on after making my points.  For the few reprobates who actually thought President Pantsuit would be preferable to President Trump and who attacked me as “not a conservative” for thinking otherwise, I actually blocked people.  I NEVER block lefty trolls, but people who pretended to be friends who could not see this distinction, I wanted to remember, and I want nothing more to do with them.  May they live forever.

I think my last full-on post about the NeverTrumpers was right after the election, where they had failed and so had the Pantsuit drones, and I said look, I’ll take responsibility if this guy turns out to be a disaster.  I voted for him, I said over and over that if he loses it will be #NeverTrump’s fault, and I’ll gladly accept the consequences of my actions.  I said it way back in November.  I also said that I don’t need a mea culpa, I don’t need an acknowledgement of error, much less an apology, just for anyone who was NeverTrump before the election, if you’re ready and willing to move on and be friends again, let’s do it.  I’ll forget it if you will.

Obviously more than a few are not willing to forget and move on.  Ben Shapiro softened his stance but it has morphed into President Trump is a bumbling fool rather than a stealth Democrat who tricked us all, and he’s not the worst of them by far (please note, I don’t even consider Shapiro a zombie NeverTrumper, I am just using him as an example of the halfway-there not-quite-sold-for-some-reason mindset).  The so-called “Reagan Battalion” who seems to owe allegiance to Evan McMullin (the piece of crap spoiler who claims to be a “principled conservative” then says Republican economics and policies are rooted in racism…yeah that doesn’t go together son) was a major player in the downfall of outspoken Trump supporter and snowflake melter Milo Yiannopoulos earlier this year.  Conservative news sites like Shapiro’s Daily Wire and Erick Erickson’s Red State are outright infested with what I have called zombie NeverTrumpers since shortly after the election–so called because they’re dead but they just keep coming.  Instead of moaning and mumbling about “braaaaains,” these zombies’ chant seems to be, or want to be, “we tollllld you sooooooo…”

The problem with zombie NeverTrumpers is that before the election, sure, you could have your concerns about what a New Yorker who has been chummy with the Clintons and Jesse Jackson in the past will do once he’s elected.  You can worry about whether his comments about how great his flaming liberal sister would be for the Supreme Court are just a random Trump comment or an actual “I might nominate her.”  You can question whether he’s all that great for property rights with his history of getting eminent domain used in his favor.  The list goes on.  All of these and more were legitimate questions to ask before the election, and the best reply Trump supporters could give was that we were willing to roll the dice on him because for God’s sake man, the alternative is the evil Dr. Pantsuit.

That was last fall.  We’re now in month five of the Trump presidency and boy what a ride it has been.  We’ve seen action taken to repeal the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act–and where it’s jamming up is either to get it right or opposition from establishment types, but the President is pushing it hard.  We’re seeing budget outlines cutting spending on stupid stuff and bolstering the defense budget (I’ll grant we didn’t get nearly as good a deal as we should have in the last continuing resolution but I blame that on Congress).  We’ve seen executive orders to reduce regulations and allow reallocation of money from Planned Infanticide.  We’re seeing the beginnings of the draining of the swamp and the only reason it’s not going faster is that swamp does NOT want to be drained.  We have the most awesome Cabinet in decades.  We’ve seen decisive military action where it was called for.  We’re watching the lunatic left, the dinosaur media in particular, melt down on a weekly basis.  We’re seeing illegal alien crossings decrease dramatically before the wall is even funded, let alone built.  We’re covfefe, whatever that is.  We’ve reasserted our friendship with Israel and told the deadbeats in NATO to grow the hell up and start carrying the load.  We’ve gotten Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and we’ve gotten out of the insane Paris Accords, and despite the howling from the left President Trump just keeps right on rolling.

In other words, everything President Trump has done has been fiercely conservative.  He is the leader we have been hoping and praying for since President Reagan left office, bold and decisive and unconcerned with what the press is saying about him because he knows they’re his enemy and the enemy of all Americans.  He is finally not worrying about what Hollywood and the dinosaur media say.  He sold himself as a product and he knows who his customers are.  In other words, those of us who chose to believe in him and bet on him have already won the jackpot, and there’s still over three and a half years of just his first term to go (and don’t kid yourself, Mad Maxine can croak all she wants, there will not be any impeachment).

But in spite of all of this, the zombie NeverTrumpers are still here.  And really, there’s no excuse for them at all anymore.  If President Trump does not do one more good thing over the course of his presidency, if we never see a tax cut or even the wall built, that’s okay.  He’s accomplished more than both Bushes even tried to already.  I have absolute faith and confidence that he will, of course, but for whatever reason these idiot NeverTrumpers are clinging to their bandwagon and convincing themselves that this is all for show, the old Serbian-Jew double bluff, just you wait you Cheeto-Man cultists, he’s going to…I don’t know, replace Mike Pence with Ivanka and resign or something and then won’t YOU be sorry!

I will not now nor will I ever say I have no concerns.  I do not like the influence people like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner and the Cole-Powell duo from Goldman Sachs seem to have with President Trump.  But really, the NeverTrump zombies still refusing to see what’s right in front of them are every bit as deranged as the Antifa goons out to punch Ann Coulter.  I won’t say they’re every bit as dangerous, but what they lack in threat they make up for in raw, blind, irrational stupidity.  They’ve demonstrated with sad clarity that they really never were our friends and allies.  I don’t really know what they are to be honest, but I know they’re not worth listening to or arguing with anymore.  President Trump has given conservatives everything we could ask for and is pushing for more every day, and all they can say is “just you wait, he’s gonna turn on you and you’ll see how stupid you were, Trumphumper!”  It’s like “I told you so” is more valuable to them than the principles they claimed to uphold.

May they live forever.


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