The next series

So I have two ideas for the next weekly installment series here at Wanderer’s Way, now that my tour through well behaved women making history has come to a conclusion.  The first is to do a weekly post about “Words That Leftists Should Not Use.”  This is because, to paraphrase Mandy Patinkin’s immortal line from The Princess Bride, they do not mean what they think they mean.  And of course this is not an accident–the left takes words and corrupts them in order to try to take over their meaning.  An example of this would be the word “bully.”  A bully uses direct or indirect threats of force to intimidate and scare weaker people without justification but solely for their own amusement.  Sometimes that force may be applied via social ostracism in conjunction with other bullies or through coercion of other people who are also in fear of the bully.  Bullying is not, however, a statement of objective fact directed as a criticism against a person or group of people, nor is it a promise to enforce the law.

Nor is it an eleven year old boy seeing a picture of his father’s severed head being held by an unfunny witch on television and getting upset, or said eleven year old boy’s half-brother and the remainder of his family expressing extreme displeasure with that image.

The other idea is to do what I would call “Wanderer’s Manifesto” in an installment form.  This would be going through point-by-point on both abstract foundational stuff and specific individual issues what I believe and why, and in the process hopefully giving my readers a few quick and easy-to-remember points that ought to eviscerate just about any “counterargument” (as if the left actually makes those) leveled against them.  The best arguments are the ones that can be made simply, with as few moving parts as possible, and since conservatism is firmly grounded in reality and truth, it’s important to stay on target and not get sidetracked into trying to debunk every last little piece of nonsense a leftist can vomit up.  Stay on the rails and you’ll win every time–which remember, does NOT mean you’ll convince the person you’re arguing with.

Anyway, I intend to do both of these in some form or another in the near future, and right now I’m leaning towards making the Words series the new weekly, just because like Well Behaved Women it lends itself more to a repeating installment format.  It’s also more similar to Well Behaved Women in that it’s as much for entertainment value as it is to make actual points.  Whereas the Manifesto is something I am thinking ought to be done on an as-I-can-get-to-it basis, since these posts are going to require a little more thought and will probably run a bit longer.  So to anyone who is reading this, if you have any thoughts about where you’d like to see things go next, please weigh in in the comments.  The new series will start either this coming Sunday or the next.  Thanks for stopping by.


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