Done and done

Well, America just got a good chunk of greatness back today, thanks to President Trump.  We are officially out of the Paris Accords (and no, there was nothing about a four-year withdrawal period, sorry cackling fools).  The leftist meltdown is reaching new heights and it’s a joy to watch.

This was a great enough move just by virtue of being a campaign promise kept and a piece of envirofascist nonsense done away with, but what it signifies is what truly makes it a great moment, and what is really making the lefties lose their crap tonight.  Because in pushing back the Paris agreement, President Trump not only saved millions of American jobs and trillions of American dollars (and not a small amount of lives) that were going to be wasted on a fairy tale, but he showed you can push this stuff back.  He knew the consequences, he knew they would scream bloody murder, and he did it anyway–and the crowd went wild.

We conservatives and Republicans (not always the same, remember) have grown unpleasantly accustomed to our political leaders railing against the goofy, destructive, insane, unconstitutional malarkey perpetrated by the Democrats whenever the Ds have power and the Rs can’t do anything but fuss, but then when they finally win a massive wave election like 2016 they stare at the mess for a few minutes with a scowl and a “tsk tsk” and sigh like it’s a damn shame, then go on to explain to their voters that there’s nothing they can do.  We can’t uproot this monstrosity now, they claim with a shrug, without even making an honest try.  They do this because they would rather go back to face their voters with a condescending explanation and an undertone of “what other option do you have?” than face the rabid left and their accusations of racism or sexism or you-just-destroyed-the-world or other retarded nonsense.

But President Trump did it.  He pushed them back.  I don’t care if he’s “not a conservative,” he just piled more win into one day than we’ve seen since Ronald Reagan.

I can already hear the concerns about how in the same breath as pulling us out of the Paris Accords, President Trump said we’d renegotiate and see if we can get a better deal.  Having listened to a lot of the speech that followed, I’m not concerned that that is even possible and I’m pretty sure this was President Trump’s media judo in action, flipping the onus for the USA getting out of the deal onto the parties that wanted to put so many onerous restraints on the United States.  Since the intent of the deal in the first place was to cripple the American economy, I’m sure that the “renegotiation” will go nowhere fast and I’m confident that President Trump means it when he says he’ll take no deal rather than a bad deal.  Seriously, he went into details about the Paris Accords that are all true, that most people don’t know (because the dinosaur media won’t report on them), and that you typically can’t find until you get almost to the tinfoil hat level of the alternative media on the internet.  I think the most powerful point he made was that all of the sacrifices and constraints that the United States would have to put up with for years to come, all the effect of that would be wiped out by TWO WEEKS worth of carbon emissions from China.

America got a lot of greatness back today, and what’s more is, America learned a lesson that no squishy establishment Republican or smug leftist will ever be able to erase: we CAN push the left back.  We CAN fight back.


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