I guess we WON’T always have Paris…

In the latest installment of the multivolume series “Reasons Why President Trump is Awesome,” after telling Europe it’s time they grew up and took some more responsibility for handling their own messes, reports are that President Trump is officially withdrawing the USA from the bogus envirofascist Paris Accords.  Which of course Whatshisname put us into without Congressional approval in the first place.

Whatshisname had a pen and a phone.  President Trump has Twitter and an industrial size barrel of white-out.

And let’s be clear here: the Paris nonsense was not about clean air and water.  We have those.  We’re capable of making our own laws about that stuff and quite frankly we don’t even need to do that.  The envirofascists like to pretend that if we were to do away with environmental regulation that we’d go back to dumping toxic waste into water reservoirs and pretty soon the whole country would be Los Angeles at rush hour.  That’s not going to happen, ever.  We’re just not that stupid (or at least the people who will be trying to make money and grow their businesses aren’t).  Basic principles of tort law make that impossible now that there’s a better understanding of how such things work.  And when you consider that the horror that the Paris agreement was trying to prevent was about half a degree of increased temperature over fifty years (which has neither been proven to be humans’ doing, a net negative, or even happening at all), I think we’re gonna be just fine.

The Paris accords are an attack on American sovereignty and capitalism.  Period, end of sentence.  There’s a point to be made about China and India and other competitor nations not signing on or not intending to comply but you know, I’m just going to rest on the fact that this is all hysteria over nonsense to begin with.  Therefore I don’t care what China or India or any other country does.  I care what we do, and we’re telling the envirofascists to take a hike today.


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