Well behaved women, chapter 30

So thirty-odd weeks ago (plus a few more for weeks I took off for one reason or another) I started this series wherein I took it upon myself to refute with historical examples the insipid bumper sticker “Well behaved women rarely/seldom make history.”  I know this has been a series for a long time but I kid you not, with only a couple of exceptions for late additions to the list (Kellyanne Conway and Marine LePen), I came up with the entire roster in about fifteen minutes.  The only research I did was after I had my nominees in mind.  I also eliminated over a dozen names from both the good and bad lists and it just so happened that they came out even, otherwise this was going to be a little onesided at the end.  So this series is not meant to be an exhaustive research project, which would end up being dry and boring as hell.  It’s meant to be some pocket ammo, easy to remember and deploy against snarky feminist twits, deliver a quick knockout “you don’t know what you’re talking about” and move on a winner.  They won’t take the bumper sticker off, someone who has gotten to that point is too far gone to be reasoned with.  But maybe someone listening nearby will hear you and wake up before it’s too late.

See, the point I’ve proven here is twofold.  One, yes Virginia, well behaved women do indeed make history, and when women don’t behave well they make history that we’d all just as soon forget.  And two, it’s not women who don’t make history, it’s people in general.  Just because most of history has been made by men (good and bad), does not mean most men make history.  We don’t.  And women aren’t so extra-special awesome that their being nasty and cranky and persisting in breaking rules of organizations they demanded to be a part of entitles them to be “historic.”

That all said, it’s time to wrap up our series with someone who definitely felt entitled to be historic and her only real reason (if it can be called that) was because woman, someone we’re all regrettably familiar with, Dr. Pantsuit herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  I and so very many others have yelled ourselves hoarse about this vile, repugnant excuse for a human being and listed both her known and strongly suspected crimes, offenses, and shortcomings ad infinitum as her devoted cult-like followers demonstrated that they simply did not care or were so detached from reality that it didn’t punch through their haze of disbelief.  Incompetence, bias, hatred, abuse of power, arrogance, corruption, dereliction of duty, brazen lying…the list goes on and on next to the trail of bodies following the Clintons’ path all the way back to Little Rock.  Yeah, she’s the first woman ever to get a major party nomination for president.  And also the first person who ever got so close to the presidency while under FBI investigation.

She’s back in the news this past week, having given the commencement address at her alma mater, Wellesley.  As she paused several times amidst her unfunny jokes to indulge coughing fits she blamed on allergies (pollen count for the day: low) the assembled brainwashed millennials cheered like she was making some brilliant point when all she was doing was wheezing up what was left of her lungs.  This woman put in stark relief just how close to the edge we truly are, how sold-out and all-in the dinosaur fake news media truly is, and how depraved the electorate has become.  The history she made could have been much, much worse.  But today, we still have a chance to come back from the brink.  I won’t and never will say President Trump is perfect, nor will I say that we have done anything but buy ourselves some time and a fighting chance to turn this mess around, but I don’t even want to know where history would have gone and would be going now if he hadn’t finally defeated the monster.

So this concludes our series.  Next week I’ll probably share my ideas for where I will go next, since having a weekly post keeps me more or less honest about keeping the posts coming, even if I just stop in to report I’m on hiatus for a week.  Comments and questions are welcome as always.


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