Your regular dose of controversy

The Congressional Budget Office has released numbers that indicate that if the Republican replacement for the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act passes, somewhere in the neighborhood of 23 million people will be without health insurance.  Ignoring for the moment the fact that the CBO deliberately does not look at all the information in any given situation (for example, it ignores the economic growth impact of tax cuts as a matter of course)…I’m calling that a WIN.  23 MILLION people get free from horrid ACA plans?  Insurance companies have to actually COMPETE for your business again?  Sign me the hell up–and then DON’T sign me up!  No need to get into how the numbers from the CBO are utterly bogus.  If that’s the best they can do then dude, don’t even show up next time.

The internet is abuzz with a story out of the Montana special election that GOP candidate Greg Gianforte “body slammed” Guardian reporter and beta douche Ben Jacobs at a campaign rally last night.  Um…no he didn’t.  We have been treated to no fewer than three versions of the incident that were hostile to Gianforte, and lo and behold, not only are they all different, but this morning the Fox News reporterette (who singlehandedly turned Faux News into a trusted and respectable outfit) admitted she “embellished” her account of what she saw and “doesn’t really know” about the details she breathlessly related to the world in the hours following the alleged incident.  I guess that while it was cool that her version of events could bump Gianforte’s alleged actions up to a felony, someone out there must have noticed that “uhh, if he really did what you said he did, first of all Jacobs is not saying that, and secondly Jacobs wouldn’t have been talking on that recording.”  That’s not an embellishment, that’s a LIE.  Also, do they really expect us to believe that in a room full of reporters including a TV crew setting up for an interview that no one could hit record on the camera or get out their smartphone?  Meanwhile this hateful pajama boy deliberately draws a foul (if not outright attacks Gianforte first) and then narrates it for the convenient audio (“you just bodyslammed me!”).  And from what Gianforte said immediately after the scuffle, this isn’t the first time a reporter has tried to bird-dog him.  Gianforte’s account is the only one that matches the audio.  The other three (all from lefty reporters) don’t even match each other–and now the one that the left is gleefully pointing to as their unimpeachable source has admitted she was full of it.  The funniest thing of all is that this seems to be backfiring and Montanans are cheering for this.  I still maintain he didn’t do it, but I can’t deny I can see where the catharsis is coming from.  I also maintain, for the record, that if he DID do what Jacobs alleges (which he didn’t, I’m confident of it) then he’s monumentally stupid.  But he didn’t.  There’s no “I don’t think he did it” about it.  He didn’t do it.

And of course today we have the Fourth Circuit misreading the law and misapplying irrelevant factors in an attempt to further mess with President Trump’s travel freeze (because it’s not a ban, it only lasts a short while).  I’m not going to get deeply into this: they’re plainly wrong.  The President has this power and there’s no legal justification for going to the campaign statements to try to divine some illegitimate intent here.  Intent is not relevant.  But tell that to the activists on this court.  This is why the Democrats pulled the nuclear option long before Neil Gorsuch, folks.  They were setting up their last bastion in the federal courts.  This is why they did it.


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