Evil Losers

In the wake of the Manchester bombing, President Trump has announced that he will be referring to terrorists including ISIS henceforth as “Evil Losers.”  He will not be calling them monsters because he’s pretty sure that’s the reaction they’re going for.

Compared to the last president, Whatshisname, who called them by whatever term they made up to sound cool and scary (seriously, he was about the only person anywhere who called them “ISIL”), this is a marked improvement.  I’m not the biggest fan of George Bush Sr., but one of his very best moments was when he pronounced the name of Saddam Hussein in a way that made it sound like a dismissive insult–I don’t remember what exactly it meant but it was something like “I stepped in dog crap” or something.  And because here at Wanderer’s Way we understand the importance of words and language, we will be taking a cue from the president on nomenclature and henceforth we will also be calling them what they are, Evil Losers.

We’ll also be calling them Islamic terrorists, because, you know, they are.  Whatshisname would have been in a real pickle if the Evil Losers had ever decided they wanted to be called “The Evil League of Islamic Jihadist Terrorists,” because while he had no problem calling them whatever name they demanded, the one thing he would not call them was Islamic terrorists.


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