Looking for a checkmate

As the dinosaur media continues to play up the Trump and Russia story, searching desperately for new angles as they bury every admission by the Democrats and their Deep State allies that there is no evidence of any such collusion (much less that anything remotely impeachable happened), we’re rapidly getting to the point where people are tired of hearing about it.  Those of us in the real world are getting bored with this endless goat rodeo, while your less politically inclined folks and even some who lean leftwards are starting to give this whole mess the Spock eyebrow.  President Trump continues to push forward with his agenda, which despite the best efforts of the dinosaur media to hide it is going very well, thank you very much.  But of course this ongoing fairy tale of nefarious foreign interference with our election (which at its worst would be that Russian hackers told the truth about the Democrats and Dr. Pantsuit) takes up time and resources and whips the already-demented minions of the lunatic left into a frenzy.  Even the party’s biggest loudmouths are starting to realize they’re building up expectations they can’t control and know they can’t deliver on, and have started trying to walk this impeachment nonsense back before they lose control of it entirely.

What’s telling is they do not want to abandon this narrative entirely.  They want to get this insane fury to a low simmer, keep it boiling but never let it be dismissed or boil over.  They literally see this as their version of Benghazi, except while the mess of Benghazi was one flimsy excuse after another as to why nothing could be done and one revelation after another of mishandling of information or ineptitude or outright corruption, this whole investigation has revealed not a damn thing–and the dinosaur media knows it.  Their course of action makes sense when you realize that their objective is not so much to impeach President Trump (though doubtless they’d love to do that)(or at least they think they would) as it is to neutralize him for as long as they can.

This is why the Trump team really ought to be looking for a checkmate move here.  This ridiculous narrative will likely go on for President Trump’s entire term, but the more we respond to it the more we feed it.  It’s not at the point where we can just declare definitively that there is nothing to see, but we need to be alert for when that happens and seize it, and then move on with or without the squalling infants.  In the game of chess, one way for an outmatched player to avoid an outright loss is to try to force a stalemate–either repeat the same move a certain number of times (I think it’s three) or create a scenario where there is no legal move to make.  Every chess player is familiar with the point in the game where one player’s advantage becomes apparent, and right now the Democrats and the dinosaur media are on the losing side of that match.  But the longer they can draw this out, the more attention they can pull away from the really very impressive accomplishments and outstanding efforts President Trump has made in just his first few months in office.  They can’t win and deep down they know it, but they can keep themselves from losing, if we’re not careful.

For right now we’re still picking off the pawns and rooks and bishops, moving cautiously, thinking a step or two ahead and occasionally surprising these buffoons with a tactic that the Republicans generally just don’t use, but there will and ought to come a point in the very near future when the Democrats run out of even remotely plausible theories or something comes to light (either in one big bang or as the cumulative effect of all these non-stories) that will make it clear to anyone with any amount of intellectual honesty that the game is over.  The lunatic lefties can stare at the board all they want, they can fiddle with the pile of captured pieces or imagine whatever fairy chess rules would allow them to pull off a comeback but they can’t make something happen where nothing did.  The best thing to do then will be to declare victory and walk away, and not dignify their stupidity by treating it like a cogent argument any longer.  Checkmate.


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