Well behaved women, chapter 29

Time marches inexorably onward and with it the first (mostly) weekly series on this blog.  I already have some ideas for what to do for my next installment series and maybe, just maybe, by the time the next one is done someone will actually be reading it.  But really, readership doesn’t matter half as much as getting the thoughts and information down on the screen and out there.  When and if it becomes useful, someone will find it.

Today we turn our attention to my final example of a well behaved woman who did indeed make history, a name which I have already discussed here and elsewhere, France’s Marine LePen.  Madame LePen’s historical achievement is admittedly modest–she made it to the final round of the French presidential election being one of the first non-major party candidates to do so (along with her opponent and the ultimate winner Emmanuel Macron) as well as being the first woman in French history to get that far.  I’m certainly not going to trumpet this as a great accomplishment–as far as I’m concerned when a woman does something men have been doing for decades or centuries it’s either not really noteworthy or often in today’s society it means she’s gotten the standards lowered because history or patriarchy or something.  But it is a historically noteworthy milestone.  What is more historic and far less recognized, however, is the kind of turning back of globalism and progressivism she represented in one of the most fanatically socialist countries ever to not go full communist.  As I have stated before, a more nationalist and less socialist candidate losing an election in France is not news.  The fact that French voters had something resembling a real choice this time out?  That’s news.

I do need to acknowledge that LePen is merely “less socialist” and not “anti-socialist” by any means.  It has been pointed out by many people (who sound a lot like NeverTrumpers) both before and after the French election that LePen is not some kind of Farage/Trump free marketeer aligned with conservative principles if not outright conservative, and is in reality just another socialist who doesn’t like the EU.  And they’re right, just like they were right to say President Trump wasn’t a conservative.  And just like then, it didn’t matter.  What does matter, and why Madame LePen gets her footnote here in this series, is that she got as far as she did not because she was a socialist.  Most of the French presidential candidates were socialists, big freaking deal.  That’s not what people voted for her for, any more than people voted for President Trump because they love eminent domain.  Marine LePen made her mark because she was willing to stand up for French nationalism against the tide of EU domination, cultural decay, and immigrant terrorism.  I can’t speak to why she was able to do so more effectively than more ideologically conservative candidates but the point here is she made history by behaving well (which in this case I define as standing up to the European Union and leftists worldwide on behalf of her country).

Well done, and God speed you, Madame LePen.  If France is lost, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Next week will be the final installment of this series.


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