We are WAY past full retard…

To everyone out there whining and wailing about how President Trump should resign or will be impeached over this stupid nonsense regarding what he said to James Comey about the Flynn investigation: you’re wrong.  You’re so wrong it’s embarrassing.  Not only was the Flynn investigation over before this supposed conversation took place, not only is the only source for this bogus story the ever-untrustworthy James Comey himself, but if the President DID actually ORDER James Comey to stop the investigation, that is not an impeachable offense.  No, leftards, I do not care that it makes you mad.  Also, if the President mentioned (even after Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions left the room) that it would be nice if Mike Flynn didn’t catch any more grief over this and didn’t make it an order, that’s not impeachable either.

No impeachable offense has been committed.  Not firing James Comey, not anything that might have been said to James Comey, not anything that was said last week to the Russian envoys, NOTHING.  But the Democrats and the dinosaur media think they’ve got the Duke boys this time and they’re gonna impeach him for being Donald Trump.

Look people, the FBI is an executive branch agency.  The chief executive can tell the director of the FBI to stop an investigation or fire him at any time for any reason or no reason.  It’s really just that simple.

And what pray tell did all these voices have to say when Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress and ordered to provide information regarding Operation Fast and Furious, only to have Whatshisname step in and assert “executive privilege” to cover HIS backside, hmm?

Oh, and if you DID manage to impeach the President, which you won’t, and if you DID manage to remove him, which you won’t…you retards DO realize that just makes Mike Pence president, right?  Not Dr. Pantsuit?  And getting rid of Pence only means you get Paul Ryan?  Do you even comprehend that Jeff Sessions is #7 in line for the presidency and Betsy DeVos is something like #14, but Dr. Pantsuit isn’t anywhere on the list?  No, of course you don’t.


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