While the press was off freaking out over President Trump…



So while the dinosaur media is out today acting like they never heard of a server in a bathroom and classified information ending up on a laptop belonging to a twelve year old in Duluth (among other places), insisting that President Trump is again either a traitor or an idiot or a traitorous idiot for talking to the Russians about ISIS, we have another investigator confirming that Seth Rich was blowing the whistle on the DNC when he was murdered.  You remember Seth, don’t you?  The idealistic young DNC staffer who was shot twice in the back in July in DC but not robbed in the process?  Who the dinosaur media swept under the rug as quickly as they could?

And acknowledging the fact that this new investigator has requested anonymity, I’d point out that not only is he confirming a report made by Rod Wheeler, but that under the circumstances it’s pretty understandable that someone would not want their identity disclosed lest they join the trail of bodies.  Unlike all the continually-proven-wrong “anonymous sources” leaking information from the Trump administration.


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