The Comey firing, conservative own-goaling, and “fairness”

I know that’s a jumble of intertwined tangents that might not make a whole lot of sense at first glance, but stick with me for a minute here.

First of all, in the ten days preceding the firing of incompetent boob James Comey as head of the FBI, you had Dr. Pantsuit renewing her claims that Comey cost her the election, Comey testifying in front of Congress that he felt sick about the prospect that he had influenced the election (and don’t kid yourself, this was not some high-minded “oh I was not supposed to sway people from my neutral position” lament, this was “I can’t believe I might have helped get President Trump the mean meanyhead sexist pig elected”), Comey providing false or bad information to Congress under oath, and of course the Democrats continuing to pile on Comey as the worstest guy EVAR since Todd Akin or something.  And in a remarkable (for Washington) turn of events, Comey’s rank incompetence and abject political hackery resulted in the entirely sane and bizarrely rational result of getting him fired.  Now, considering that leftist buffoons from Dianne Feinstein to Maxine Waters to Chuck Schumer have both called for Comey to be canned for one reason or another, AND have acknowledged that this whole “Trump and Russia” thing has NO supporting evidence, you’d think…well, you’d expect these same leftist buffoons to be their dumb selves and ignore what they said six months (or in some cases six hours) ago.  But what you might not expect, or at least might be rightly disheartened by, is people on the President’s side ripping into him for [insert reason here].

Seriously, I had to shut off an episode of Steven Crowder’s show the other night because I couldn’t take it anymore.  I’ve come to the conclusion that Crowder is two things: one, he is a slightly less offensive, slightly more principled version of Howard Stern (right down to the in-studio peanut gallery); and two, despite his assertion that he is biased to the right (which compared to the dinosaur media he is) in an attempt to be honest, he is really a centrist.  The things he believes are not hard-right conservative by any stretch, they’re right down the middle of the road–it’s the media and the dominant Hollywood/ university culture that want you to believe he’s “far right” because that’s them trying to shove the Overton window.  Anyway, Crowder pissed me off by claiming that “conservatives aren’t out to stop abortion, they just don’t want to pay for it.”  Uh, NO.  Wrong.  But not going to get into that now.  He followed up by talking about the Comey firing and parroting what seems to be the middle-of-the-road narrative, which is “whatever the reasons might have been this is just bad timing.”  Again, WRONG.  Anyone who thinks this is “bad timing,” would you care to explain to me what “good timing” would have been, other than to have canned Comey on January 20th as soon as the President got to the Oval Office and could find a pen?  Do any of you legitimately think that President Trump could EVER do something like this and the Democrats wouldn’t freak the f*** out?  I mean really, the fact that they can’t get their own narrative on the guy straight and noted unfunny jerk Stephen Colbert has to tell his audience when to applaud and when not to applaud doesn’t mean a thing as far as trying to make a political statement out of this.  If President Trump went outside and remarked that the sky was a pretty shade of blue today, the dinosaur media would report that he made a comment that was insensitive to colorblind people and agoraphobics.  We expect this out of these a**holes.

But the point where I had to shut Crowder off was where he had Ben Shapiro on.  Shapiro and I are still not quite on speaking terms–Ben’s an unrepentant pessimist and while he sticks to his guns and makes a lot of good arguments he was also a NeverTrump diehard, and while he has not succumbed to the zombie NeverTrump plague he seems to think it gives him some kind of credibility to rip the president as harshly as if he were part of the dinosaur media.  Shapiro gave a couple of alternate scenarios that could explain the reason for Comey’s firing at this point in time, and while he did outright dismiss the “Comey’s getting too close” theory because he is not under the delusion (unlike certified losers like Louise Mensch and the entire Democratic Party) that the Russians “hacked the election,” the theory he did espouse was basically that President Trump is too stupid to see that this is really bad optics.  So we’re back to Donald Trump made a multibillion dollar fortune and won the presidency by being an idiot, and Crowder just kind of laughed and tacitly agreed.  That’s where I shut it off.

Don’t even consider for a moment that President Trump might, you know, NOT be poll-testing his every move and maybe, just maybe, figured that having this self-admitted partisan hack who can’t read a criminal statute as well as a first-year law student remain in charge of the FBI was a bigger problem for the Bureau and the country at large than this insane “Russian hacking” malarkey, guys.  Don’t think that this might have been done just because it was plainly the right thing to do and long overdue.  Don’t figure that maybe the President who went to Washington to drain the swamp was, you know, draining the swamp.  Nope.  He’s just stupid.

Which gets me around to own-goaling and “fairness.”  When you listen to guys like Crowder and Shapiro try to score points with God only knows who by trying to appear “objective” and “informed,” and you realize that nothing they do or say that deviates from leftist holy writ will ever be taken seriously by these nutjobs (and anywhere they DO decide to agree with the left they’ll get reamed for not getting on the train sooner), and you see what happens to them as a result versus what the left does to its less-devoted adherents, you start to realize that we’re in a “with friends like these who the hell needs enemies?” situation.  Seriously, the Democrats have no problem telling their people “get in line or get out” like Tom Perez recently did to roughly a quarter of his faithful constituents when he said “if you’re pro-life you have no place in the Democratic party.”  They have no issue with blacklisting you if you don’t quote their madness chapter and verse and parrot it back on command.  Whereas on the Republican side, we’re always fighting and arguing with each other and having to twist arms to get to consensus with our own team, between our “moderates” who think being Democrat-lite is a selling point, our establishment types who are comfortable with being the token minority, and the factions of the party who think it would be cool if we actually stood for what we claim to stand for.  We’re NOT an “echo chamber” on the right, despite what Crowder claims.  We’re a freaking Battle of the Bands.

To use another analogy, much as I hate continuing with the soccer motif, very often the GOP side is like having a soccer game with our moderate RINOs and GOP-E’s on one end and the Tea Party and conservative types on the other…and then when you bring the Democrats in it’s like the lacrosse team invaded the field, didn’t care about the rules, and started hitting us with their sticks.  Crowder exhorts his viewers to watch idiots like the dinosaur media and the Young Turks and read the Huffington Post to get “their side of the argument,” but the flaw in that thinking is that these people do not argue.  They preach.  They lie.  They insult.  They preen and virtue signal.  And I frankly do not have time or inclination to go give these sites clicks or views so I can be lied to and mocked.  I spent years watching the dinosaur media being lied to and thinking I was a bad person for being conservative.  I’ve had quite enough of it, thank you.

The fact is that giving each side a fair hearing doesn’t mean listening to Rush Limbaugh and then listening to Cenk Uygur, it means listening to the people you reasonably expect not to lie to you but you might not agree with (like Crowder and Shapiro) and then looking at Bill Nye like the fascist moron he is.  And when you find an honest liberal like Sargon of Akkad, he can’t stand these people either.  Being “fair” is not going to get the liars to stop lying to you and mocking you for not believing their bulls**t.  At the end of the day, I don’t give a good damn about “fairness” either.  I care about not being lied to.  There are plenty of voices on the “right side” (term used loosely) of the spectrum, I don’t need to give air time to fake news just so I can play at being “balanced.”

So no, Ben and Steven, this was not bad timing, and it was not President Trump being stupid any more than his two scoops of ice cream are newsworthy.  Next time, maybe just consider that he might be doing what he and his supporters consider to be the right thing to do regardless of the silly optics and the Democrats’ hysterics, and that no, we’re not a bunch of cult-like devotees just because we like what he’s doing and don’t automatically assume the worst when the dinosaur media rings a little bell.


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