Marine LePen and what she STILL means to you

True to form, the most socialist country in Europe ever to not go full communist has surrendered once again and elected Emmanuel Macron over Marine LePen.  Buncha sexists I tell you.  It’s pervasive misogyny don’t you know.  What is it with the left and coming up with these metrosexual young pretty boys to head up national governments anyway?  First Whatshisname, then Justin “I don’t have a clue what I’m doing but apparently neither do the voters” Trudeau, now Macron.  More betas than a Greek spelling bee.

It’s really funny watching the idiots gloat in the comment sections of fake and dinosaur news sites, bragging that this means nationalism is done and Trump is going down in 2020 and (almost adorably) cheering that someone was able to “stop the Russian hacking” or that “the electoral college couldn’t save the hard right” or other such nonsense.  Not going to address the fairy tales.  Like I said the other day, a loss for LePen means nothing, the most committed socialist crackpots in the world voted for the left-wing establishment candidate, this is not news.  And California elects the likes of Moonbeam Jerry Brown and Kamala “I’m even stupider than Barbara Boxer ever thought of being” Harris.  It’s what they do.  LePen’s loss is more of a loss for France but if they’re determined not to get it then they kind of deserve what they get–we’re not talking about the likes of Martel and DeGaulle and Charlemagne.  Collaborating in their own destruction is almost as much of a French tradition as wearing berets and surrendering.

As I said before, the story is not that LePen lost, but how close she came to winning.  I know the stories are all about how she got blown out but she still made it to the final round as one of the top two contenders, versus a worldwide full-court press and an alliance of convenience of every other political party against her.  And the point that she makes is that when you offer people a clear choice, you make it impossible to argue what that choice means.  By electing Macron and rejecting LePen, France has stated in no uncertain terms that it’s cool with the EU, there will be no “Frexit,” they are willing to accept terrorism as part of daily life and they are all too happy to yield their national interests to Angela Merkel and floods of “refugees” and migrants.  Fine.  You pays your money and you takes your choice.  I’ve got no sympathy for the modern Vichy.

LePen also makes another thing very clear.  You do not just fight the fights you can win, you fight the fights that need fighting.  You will never win a battle you do not fight.  All too often, it seems those of us on the side of truth, justice, and sanity are willing to contemplate that we might be wrong, or if not wrong unpopular, and as such we give up ground without a fight and rarely take it back.  This is true in a metaphorical sense as well as a literal physical one.  We (or many of our leaders) have accepted that you “can’t take away an entitlement” or you “can’t outlaw abortion” or in other ways you cannot turn back the tide of leftism, just as surely as it’s not worth campaigning as a conservative in New England or California or…or the Rust Belt.  Or France.  And our adversaries want us to think this, because when they do not have to go on the defensive, they can put all their efforts and resources towards pressing the attack on us.  For God’s sake people, they were blathering on not long ago about turning Texas–Texas!–blue.

We would not have taken Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin if we had not tried, if we had meekly believed that the “blue wall” could not be broken and that we ought to just hold our traditional red states and hope for the best.  We will never reclaim California or Oregon or France or Germany if no one ever steps up to give people a clear choice.  Marine LePen did that.  I’ve heard that she has a niece in French politics as well who is even better than she is, but whether it’s another run by Marine herself or another LePen in the near future, this election, even in a loss, lays the foundations for the future.

In France, a globalist leftist who supports an open-door immigration policy winning an election is not news.  It means nothing for Brexit, nothing for President Trump, nothing for anything but the status quo remaining unchanged (except for dressing itself up as a “moderate” and an “outsider”).  We will not win every time, but we will never win when we don’t show up to fight.  If we’re going to lose, let’s lose for what we really are and make them work for it in the process.


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