On not voting because…

Recently Dr. Pantsuit and her closest minions were out again beating the drum about how the reason she lost the election was because of “deep-rooted misogyny” and other such drivel that as always totally overlooks the fact that not only was she an unqualified candidate and an unlikeable scold, but President Trump just had an unstoppable message and attitude.  This silliness stands out in stark relief while conservatives not just across the country but worldwide stand up and cheer Marine LePen to the rafters but something about the recent tone of the accusation brought me to a new realization.  The left is claiming that we didn’t vote for Dr. Pantsuit because she’s a woman, and technically speaking, they’re right.

Now stick with me here a moment, because this takes a little bit of explanation.  The phrase “we didn’t vote for her because she’s a woman” has a dual meaning, just like “we didn’t like him because he was black” to refer to Whatshisname or “we don’t want them in our country because they’re Muslims” to refer to terrorists refugees does.  In one sense, the way we all interpret it, the accusation translates to “we chose to base our decision solely or primarily on the fact that she is a woman and because of that trait alone or mostly so we decided she was unfit.”  And of course for virtually everyone who voted for someone other than Dr. Pantsuit that was not true– most of us voted FOR President Trump and the policies he represented as well as the general mindset he stood for, but even for those who held their noses and voted for him as a vote against her, they voted against her because she’s an incompetent socialist criminal with a history of unaccountability and questionable health.  The fact that she’s a woman entered into it somewhere (and as I have said and do not apologize for, if you hold your gender out as a qualification in and of itself, then it’s perfectly legitimate to take the position that it is NOT a qualification and in fact is a liability) for at least some voters but practically no one made it their sole reason for voting.

That’s not what the Democrats and the Hillarybots mean.

Because you see, another way of interpreting the phrase “we didn’t vote for her because she’s a woman” translates to “the Democrats are voting for her because she’s a woman and that’s awesome and historic and all the qualification she needs, and you rubes aren’t.”  Put another way, the active verb phrase in this sentence is not “vote for her,” but rather “vote for her because she’s a woman.”  This is not merely a trick of grammar either, but this phrase simply illustrates the mindset the most clearly.  When they say “deep-rooted misogyny,” for example, they mean “America owes it to women to make one president, you had a chance to do that, and that’s why we voted for her, so if you decided not to that means you hate women.”  “Because woman” was quite literally the Democrats’ whole basis for nominating and voting for Dr. Pantsuit–seriously, we knew all along that they knew just as well as we did about her lies, her incompetence, her criminal behavior, her sketchy health, her pay-to-play schemes and influence from both Wall Street and foreign governments, but she had the genitalia to be a “historic first” from a yet-untapped grievance group.  We the stupid, benighted voters just didn’t see that and/or didn’t understand how important that was.  We didn’t just fall in line behind the sainted lady parts to “make history” and that’s what the Democrats were counting on.

We did not disqualify her because of her gender.  We DID fail to anoint her solely because woman.  To the left, this is a patriarchal transgression of the highest order meaning we simply hate women and don’t understand the opportunity we missed to give them what they’re owed by making one of them President.  Didn’t matter who it was, just the lady parts mattered.  If that doesn’t make sense to you, congratulations, that’s the point.


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