A suggestion regarding “hate speech”

Here’s an idea: a lot of conservatives have replied to suggestions that “hate speech is not protected under the First Amendment” by suggesting “you let us define hate speech, then you can ban it.” I have a better idea. See, not only is the hard left (not really distinct from “the left”) not really afraid of that, but it’s just not a stark enough example.

So I suggest an uninvolved third party to define what is and is not hate speech: NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association for those who don’t know). I have to admit, I honestly thought they were something the South Park guys made up when I first heard about them, but no, they’re an actual organization that promotes romantic and sexual relationships between adults and children. So I propose we make them the arbiters of what “hate speech” is before we decide what the First Amendment supposedly doesn’t cover. Sound fair to everyone?


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