An open letter to pro-life Democrats

As Democratic leaders like Tom Perez and Dick Durbin brazenly tell the estimated 28% of their voting base that is pro-life to “get in line or get out,” I wanted to share an open letter addressed to these voters:

Dear pro-life Democrats,

I know I only speak for myself here but really, it’s long past time you jumped ship and I for one will welcome you to the team with open arms.  I mean really, people talk about single-issue voters like it’s a bad thing, but when you’re discussing murdering babies I’d say that’s a pretty damn good hill to die on.  And when it comes right down to it, you know that this stuff about us being “extreme” and “radical” is all party-line nonsense anyway.  We’d be happy to have a rational discussion about what the ideal level of taxation is, what amount of environmental or labor regulation will work best, how much we should get involved in foreign affairs (militarily and otherwise), how much government is obliged to assist the poor, and so forth.  Believe it or not most conservatives are pretty flexible on this stuff and just want to make sure that we work within the bounds of reality demonstrated by experience and history

But when it comes to this issue there is no middle ground and never will be.  Ever. Killing a baby is either killing a baby or it isn’t.  If it wasn’t, then we’d be right there beside you demanding the government leave you the hell alone though probably still not cheering for the government to pay for it, but science pretty clearly says (and contrary to popular belief, so does the Supreme Court) that killing a baby is killing a baby.  There is no defensible halfway point here.  There is no compromise position and there is no rational discussion with monsters who will support this barbaric practice and literally instruct their followers that it doesn’t matter.

You know, I remember the morning after the ’08 election, I had some business at a prosecutor’s office and this prosecutor happened to be a black Democrat, who was overjoyed about the election results for obvious and very understandable reasons.  I’m not sure the leanings of the assistant prosecutor I needed to talk to that day but of course the election came up and the assistant said she couldn’t get behind Whatshisname because of his abortion position, to which the head prosecutor said (nicely, but still said it) that “there’s more than abortion.”  Well…technically yes, but I’m pretty comfortable with claiming murdering babies is the most important issue to me by far.

Come on over, guys.  We can discuss everything else like reasonable adults once you leave the shrieking children behind.  Come on home.


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