The beginning of the end of the beginning

The title’s not meant to be a joke.

By now the riots that accompanied Milo Yiannopoulos’ attempt to speak at Berkeley a few months ago are not only well known history, but also stand out as a stark example of what the left and the so-called “antifa” fascists will do when they don’t get their way.  They are furthermore an example of how the dinosaur media will ignore such behavior, how the police will be ordered to stand down and let the rioters wreak havoc, and how the ultimate outcome will be the targeted destruction of the conservative voice at the epicenter of the whole mess.  Seriously, has anyone heard a word out of Milo since the hit job?

This is not about that incident.  It’s about two other incidents that happened very recently, one at Berkeley and the other at another anti-Trump protest in Austin, Texas.  Let’s start off with the Austin incident.  Mike Cernovich, an alternative media voice and ardent supporter of President Trump, was there to cover what was essentially a leftist tantrum and chant-fest crying about President Trump and his tax plans and his tax returns and all the usual nonsense.  And in the middle of this drum circle, Cernovich got an idea.  He edged his way up towards the microphone and waited for the guy barking inanities at the drooling crowd of hippies to get done, then when the mike was open, he ran over to it and shouted “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”  Which is true.  He was immediately set upon by a horde of special snowflakes who began yelling and booing and attempting to physically attack Cernovich.  The police approached him, pried him out of the enraged throng, and asked him to let them escort him out of there.  Cernovich complied and as they started to leave, some guy came running up and tried to deck him.  Cernovich dodged (the guy got his phone) and punched back, in full view of the police who told him he was justified.

And then there was Berkeley.  When several conservative leaders decided to return to the scene of the Milo riots for a pro-Trump pro-free speech rally, Antifa decided to stage their own counter-event complete with food and music for their goons to enjoy along with a day out to “bash the fasc'” as they like to put it.  They were literally out not just looking for a fight but with the intent to cause violence.  Some even bragged on social media about getting “100 Nazi scalps.”  Once again the police were next to useless as they took away things like pepper spray from the pro-free speech crowd, but this time the good guys were ready nonetheless with things like helmets, goggles, and respirators.

Let’s pause a second.  These folks like Lauren Southern had to come equipped with essentially gas masks and riot gear to rally in support of a sitting President and the fundamental freedom of speech.  In the United States of America.  This is not Venezuela, this is not Damascus, this is not even freaking Paris or that Islamic no-go zone in Sweden, this is California.  I’m going to link the video interview Lauren Southern gave to Stefan Molyneux about this event but seriously, people were talking about flanking maneuvers and calling out incomings for rocks and explosives.  Lots of people got maced, people got ground-pounded and beaten, and the police disarmed the people whose stated intent was to peaceably assemble, making them easy (or easier) targets for the Antifa idiots whose express purpose was to “punch Nazis in the face.”  And of course by “Nazi” they mean “everyone they don’t like.”

But there’s a happy ending to this story as well.  Even with no weapons versus mace, rocks, explosives, and whatever other things the Antifa managed to huck at them, the conservatives fought back with their bare hands–and they won.  They pushed Antifa back and drove them away crying.  Scalp this.

I say that was a happy ending but that’s not really correct in any sense.  I am happy to see my side fight back, especially successfully, but these two events, whether an agitating heckler versus feral leftists (and make no mistake, Cernovich was within his rights even though he knew what he was doing would make some people angry) or militant “Nazi fighters” versus people who came ready to defend their freedom, are both more ominous than cause for celebration and are anything but an ending.  I and many others have been saying for years that the left does not want the revolution they claim to wish for because it will not go the way they think, and when it comes right down to it we on the right don’t want it either, even though it’s beyond obvious we’d be the winning side.  The bottom line is we just don’t like hurting people, because despite the “edgy” new line from Tom Perez and the Democratic party, we do, in fact, give a s**t about people.  That is one of our greatest weaknesses.  It’s not ominous that we finally fought back and won, both of those were more or less inevitable.  What is unsettling is the fact that things have gone this far and despite this victory they don’t seem to be slowing down–Antifa tried again at Auburn University but got more than a little thwarted when the police enforced a “no masks” rule.

More than that, though, this was not an ending by any stretch, and that’s what’s really the most disturbing about the situation.  I said that fighting back was more or less inevitable, and the “less” part relied on just how far these twerps were willing to push.  The fact that they finally found the pushback point (which just shows how longsuffering the right has been with these morons)…I guess what I want to say is while I’m cheering for my side to finally fight back and say this is where you stop, I also know that this could get very ugly very quickly and I’d really rather not have to interrupt my regularly scheduled life for a civil war.  But I also don’t want this to drag on forever.  Not sure what the solution here is, considering that these deranged fools are not showing the first sign of getting a clue, but I’ll tell you this: next time, if the police won’t let the conservative free speech side come in armed, then either go home, bring body armor, or have reinforcements waiting just past the police line.  We thwarted these people once, they will escalate.

Around the time of the United States’ entry into World War II, someone remarked to Winston Churchill that “this is the beginning of the end.”  Churchill replied famously that no, it was not the beginning of the end, but it just might be the end of the beginning.  I think these events, Berkeley in particular, are a bigger landmark than many people realize, and while they aren’t even really the end of the beginning, in complete seriousness, they may be the beginning of the end of the beginning.

The accounts below are well worth your time.


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