Georgia Six

The latest buzz about the special election to fill Congressman Tom Price’s seat in Georgia’s 6th District (the seat formerly held by none other than Newt Gingrich) has kind of fizzled in the wake of the election results yesterday.  See, there was this one young upstart Pajama Boy Democrat running on a platform of “Let’s Make Trump Furious” and drawing in support from Democrats nationwide, while trying to do what the Democrats always do during elections and claiming he was very conservative on matters like government waste and supporting the military.  On the other side there were ELEVEN Republicans running for the seat.  Yup, eleven of ’em.  Practically had the presidential primaries all over again.

Of course what this meant for a very solidly conservative district was that the Democrat had one chance to pull out over 50% of the vote and avoid a runoff.  Despite the eager anticipation of Hollywood, the dinosaur media and the Democratic establishment, he failed to do so (yet still claimed victory for some reason).  The runoff will be in June and I would wager this is the last anyone will hear of this race, because now those eleven Republican candidates are going to (at least mostly) unite like Voltron and put their votes behind the GOP frontrunner, Karen Handel.

Another swingandamiss, Democrats.  But keep sending the Hollywood people out to lecture middle America about how much they ought to hate President Trump, it’s working so well for you.


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