That’s not how it works

It appears the North Korean People’s Glorious Dumbass Rocket Squad tried to fire off one of their nuclear-capable missiles for a test and a show of force, and as usual the rocket fizzled and blew itself up within seconds of liftoff.  This would not be at all unusual except that apparently this time a sizeable portion of the dinosaur media struck up a chorus praising their messiah, the last president, whatshisname, claiming that it was the result of the last administration initiating cyberattacks to hack into the Nork rockets that continues to cause them to fail.  Therefore, not only is this not just good luck for the United States and sane people everywhere, but it’s also directly because of whatshisname who, according to the dinosaur media, continues to bless us from the hereafter with his presidency long over.  Because you see, if he started the hacking program or came up with the idea, then in these people’s eyes he still gets the credit even after leaving office.

Um…no.  If this is true then I want to hear about all the benefits we’re reaping from the MOAB program started under George W. Bush or the Patriot missile defense system or any of a vast number of military programs initiated under Presidents Reagan or Bush Senior.

Then of course we have hacks pining wistfully for whatshisname claiming that if he were still president that his response to the Syria situation would be similar if not identical to the actions President Trump took.  Well we all know that’s baloney–he’s the one who drew the red line in the sand and then promptly ran away and did nothing when it was crossed.


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