Mother of all conniptions

After President Trump ordered a GBU-43 (aka the Mother of all Bombs or MOAB) dropped in Afghanistan, knocking out a cluster of terrorists and more importantly destroying one of their tunnel hideouts, we’ve learned a few things from our freaked-out friends on the left.  Evidently, if a weapon is extremely effective, that makes it a war crime or an atrocity.  Who knew.  Also, it seems that the left is measuring the value of an attack in terms of terrorists killed per dollar spent, and flipping out over the idea that we “only” took out about 36 terrorists for a $16 million dollar bomb.  This of course being after their initial freakout claiming that the entire R&D for the MOAB was part of the expense of the strike.  You know guys, if I’m not wrong, a nuclear explosive is not all that expensive…just sayin’, if this is how you want to measure success…but then we’re also judging whether a weapon is a “war crime” based on how successful it is at killing bad guys so I’m not sure if they really want it to be good or not.

Then of course there’s the nonsense line citing brainless hippies and clueless children claiming that we “create terrorists” by fighting them and the way to stop ISIS is to send them aid and teachers and stuff.  Yeah, we tried that, it doesn’t work.  ISIS wasn’t the result of American intervention but rather American disengagement, because Whatshisname abandoned ship halfway through the process (and I personally think he did it in part to sabotage any future attempts to do the same).  But of course to these idiots welfare has worked so very well domestically that they can’t wait to inflict it on the rest of the world.  Now if only they could figure out a way to let ISIS vote…

And finally, I swear I am not making this up, but we learned also that using the term “Mother of all Bombs” to refer to “an instrument of the lethal patriarchy” is sexist.  It’s okay to want to find a table to bang your head on now, kind of a normal reaction really.


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