I come to bury the filibuster, not to praise it

A few things of important note, as the Democrats descend into yet another fit of screaming and crying upon the invocation of the nuclear option in the Senate.

First off, some commenters are sniveling that “this will come back to haunt the GOP.”  Uh, no, it won’t, because we didn’t start this.  This IS the haunting coming back for the Democrats that they were promised back in 2013 when Harry Reid killed the filibuster for other nominees.  They did it with their eyes open, dared us to do it back to them (while believing we never would be in a position to do it again), and reaped the rewards of doing so in the form of getting the crazy hard-left activists appointed to the federal bench whom the GOP had somehow mustered the resolve to oppose.  I don’t know and don’t think these are the same judges who have been smacking down the travel “ban” in recent weeks, but they’re cut from the same cloth.  Considering that the GOP didn’t lift a finger to oppose incompetent hacks like Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, if these federal judges were so bad that the Senate Republicans actually invoked the filibuster to block them, they had to have been horrible.  Harry Reid and the Democrats pulled the trigger and got their victory, and are still profiting from it.

Second, let’s not forget that soon-to-be-Justice Gorsuch was confirmed for his post without opposition, by unanimous vote, and yet somehow today he is “extreme” and “unfit” and what have you.  Anyone watching any part of the confirmation hearings knows that Neil Gorsuch ran rings around the Democrats.  But because he’s not throwing a party for Planned Infanticide and swearing up and down that Roe v. Wade will always be the law no matter what and claiming to see things in the Constitution that aren’t there, he’s the worst thing ever.  Also, Merrick Garland has as much claim to that seat as I do.  What I’m getting at is, the Democrats have no good reason to be opposing this nominee.

And third, it’s important to understand as I explained back in February, the filibuster was already dead.  The reason not to remove it was a tacit understanding that once one side got rid of it, the other side would of course follow suit.  The Democrats looked that possibility in the face and laughed.  Let’s be perfectly clear here, there are no two ways to look at it, the filibuster was never going to constrain a Democratic president and Senate again.  They bragged about it.  They bragged about doing it and planned very vocally to do it again once they elected Dr. Pantsuit.  So don’t give me this nonsense about “well just because the Democrats did it doesn’t make it okay,” we’re not talking about an objectively moral decision here.  This is akin to when the Olympics started allowing professional athletes to compete when it was “discovered” (or to those of us who were not in love with the Soviet Union, “acknowledged”) that the Soviets had been training their athletes from birth and they were even less “amateur” than even Western superstars were.

In conclusion, I feel it is important to note that I and many others would have preferred to see none of this happen.  I’d rather have a world where the filibuster is an actual constraint on a runaway Senate majority and I’d give up even Justice Gorsuch for that.  My point is not that (great as he is) Neil Gorsuch or any other nominee or piece of legislation is worth going to any length to get through the Senate, but rather that the filibuster was already dead.  It’s long gone.  There is absolutely NO justifiable reason that makes ANY sense why the Republicans should abide by a rule that the Democrats have said in black-and-white unquestionable terms WILL NOT hold their agenda back EVER again.


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