Just a smattering of current events

So first up we have the Susan Rice revelation, which the left first denied ever happened, then tried to defend by claiming that what Rice was doing was just part of her job and there was nothing to see here.  Uh…wrong on both counts.  Noted liar and Democratic political hack Susan Rice most definitely not only gathered intel on (incoming President) Trump officials but was apparently behind the effort to package it up for convenient bite-sized leakability to the friendly media once her pals were no longer in power.  Someone has theorized that the delusional Dems were gathering this information with the intent to use whatever they found after the election (which, of course, they planned to win by any cheating necessary) to prosecute President Donald Trump and his inner circle, punish them for challenging the system, and make them an example for any future outsiders who dared step into this world.  It’s really sad and kind of disgusting that this theory is not at all farfetched.  Between this and Evelyn Farkas’ loose-lipped revelation on MSNBC that this information was being packed up and shipped out for fear it would disappear in the new administration, it’s becoming a whole arsenal of smoking guns.

But President Trump is “insane” and “making stuff up” talking about wiretaps.  Sure.

Then of course people are freaking out over Rex T. responding to a missile launch by North Korea by saying basically “we’ve said it all already and we’re not saying it again,” which roughly translates to “pfft, whatever dude.”  What, you want the usual copy and paste “we strongly condemn blah blah blah” harshly worded letter, Hans Brix?  North Korea is a backward dung heap that has technically been at war with the United States for over fifty years and hasn’t had the good sense to think maybe they ought to give it up.  Seriously, if you want a beautiful example of how retarded communism is, search for an image of the Korean peninsula at night from space.  You’ll see capitalist South Korea lit up like a Christmas tree and the Norks darker than the backside of the moon.  Maybe it’s about time we started ignoring the tantrums.

Then we have the Democrats pulling a talking filibuster to try to obstruct the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.  Go ahead children, squall and put on a show for the donors, it just gives us every reason to nuke the bajeebers out of you, not that more reasons are needed in my educated opinion.  At least this time it doesn’t look like people are carrying jars of human waste to throw at the opposition, but it’s about the same thing when it comes right down to it as the idiot Wendy Davis with her catheter and pink sneakers in Texas.  Democrats sure love killin’ babies.

And finally, it appears President Trump is getting a bit of criticism for just making a remark about recent events in Syria but taking no direct action.  Look people, first of all, there’s a wide gulf of difference between not intervening in a fight that we have no stake in, and threatening to do so if one side uses chemical weapons…and then doing nothing.  President Trump was RIGHT in telling Whatshisname not to get involved and is RIGHT not to get us involved in an internal conflict where I honestly do not see a good guy.  Whatshisname just made us a laughingstock and demonstrated we’re all talk and no action by drawing his idiotic “red line,” not just to Syria, but to Russia, to Iran, and to the entire world.  And can we please quit pretending that killing people with chemical weapons is somehow worse than killing them with bullets or napalm or dropping buildings on them or exploding shrapnel on them or stabbing them or drowning them or any other method?  Turn off the cop dramas and sanitized war movies for a second and realize that when someone gets shot it’s pretty horrific, and when someone gets hit with a grenade or a rocket they don’t just bounce away and fall limp like a rag doll, and when someone gets their throat cut they don’t gurgle for two seconds and fall over.  It’s all horrible and it all can get on the wrong people.  You want to get upset and outraged over killing, I’m completely with you.  Quit pretending it’s different because the tools are newer and because it’s not cleaned up for prime time television.



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