Another day, another leftist fairy tale

I understand that today is “Equal Pay Day.”  Okay, let’s not waste time on this one.  The “gender wage gap” is a myth that has been not merely debunked but obliterated seventeen ways from Sunday…and yet it will not die.  Personally I think it’s proof positive that the left is immune to facts and truth and reality.

What is not a myth is that across the board, women actually get HIGHER pay than men for the same work, in addition to hiring preferences, college admission preferences, and more expensive health insurance (because like it or not ladies you have problems men just don’t have, it’s called reality).  Also, those “parental leave” policies that the left wants written into law wherever they haven’t done so, they aren’t so Daddy can go home and bounce the new baby on his knee, they’re so mama can go home and rest up and have her job to come back to when and if she feels like it.  Also, all those preferential policies for letting you in the door in the first place have a necessary corollary of making it substantially harder to fire you or fail you.  So watch for someone to pop up with a statistic claiming that female employees stay in their jobs longer (while conveniently separating out stats for women who left jobs to have families) or complete college at a higher rate than men (again excluding women who got their MRS. degree before they got their b.s. B.A. degree and dropped out).

It’s a simple function of the market that if it were true that you could hire a woman and pay her ~75% of the salary you’d pay a man, and get exactly the same quality of work and exactly the same reliability, and incur exactly the same expenses, then no man would ever get hired.  Men comprise over 90 percent of workplace deaths and are vastly over-represented in dirty, gross, dangerous, and menial jobs like garbage collecting, sewage, mining, fishing, and oil drilling, but nobody complains about “equal representation” there now do they?

So what leftist fantasy gets its own day next?  “Hugs Stop Mass Shooters” Day?  “All ISIS Wants Is Jobs” Day?  “Election Fraud Isn’t A Thing” Day?  Oh wait, they cancelled that one this year, I think they scheduled “Russian Hack-mas” in its place.


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