Kidnappers are welcome here

So I was driving through the big city where I work and I saw on one of the buildings I presume is used for the state university’s housing (due to the constant pro-Bernie anti-Republican posters generally plastered on the front wall) there was this new sign a few days ago:


Okay, so I know this is supposed to be an “aww…” image with the guy just trying to find a safe place for his poor little baby (who is apparently wearing a turban) but…am I the only one who looks at this and goes “creepy unkempt bearded dude in a trenchcoat, smuggling a child who really doesn’t look like him?”  Child abductor much?  I suppose he’s going to drive around in an unmarked white conversion van too?

And for the information of all the snowflakes, nobody hates or fears these people.  We don’t do hate, that’s all for the lefties.  We generally don’t do fear either, and when we do it’s a rational response, and our response is not “collapse and cry.”  As often as not, our response is “stow it for later and run towards the danger, because people need help.”  That’s what we do.  So you can cram your “no hate no fear” chants.  If you really wanted to help these people we’d have set up refugee settlements in the Middle East a long time ago and the last president, whatshisname, he wouldn’t have thrown up his hands and said “no way we can vet everyone, no point in trying, don’t bother looking under his coat to see if there’s a kid in there.”  But we don’t, or at least, the left doesn’t.  The left wants to import more grievance group members and Democratic voters–they’re putting voter registration cards into refugee welcome baskets for God’s sake.  These people are not citizens.


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