Dinner with Mike Pence

I had no idea that so many feminists would be so outraged over the idea that Mike Pence, a guy they would not be caught dead at dinner with, would not go to dinner or for drinks alone with any woman who is not his wife.  Sorry “ladies,” (fact not in evidence I know…), but Mike’s taken.

Let me posit this to you: your 17-year-old daughter is broken down on a dark country road with no cell phone.  Who do you hope pulls up to offer aid, Mike Pence, or Bill Clinton?

In reality this is nothing more than sound living policy for a guy like the Vice President, whose principles inevitably make him a huge target for the people who have no compunctions about crying rape when it suits their agenda.  And if you need evidence of that, look no further than this ginned-up outcry over nothing more than Vice President Pence behaving like–gasp!–he loves and respects his wife.

The easiest accusation to refute is the one that cannot be made.


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