A checkmate move

I couldn’t help but notice on the AOL news feed this morning that President Trump is advising former administration official Mike Flynn, who was caught up in the Russia nonsense and asked to resign because he lied to the Vice President, ought to request immunity and go talk to Congress.

For anyone who is not seeing the significance here, this is a game-ending move, or it least it ought to be in any world where sense and logic applied.  See, if Flynn gets immunity, he can and is expected to testify truthfully without concern for self-incrimination (the Fifth Amendment no longer applies because you cannot incriminate yourself for something you cannot be prosecuted for).  Normally if someone doesn’t want you to talk, they’ll try to block your testimony or oppose the grant of immunity.  This is basically the President saying “go ahead, tell them everything you know, give them no reason to think you’re hiding anything and make sure they’re not coming after you for it later.”  President Trump is not afraid of what Mike Flynn will say because nothing happened.

There’s not much stronger evidence that the President has nothing to hide than this.  This ought to not just be game-changing, it should be game over, but of course that would be if we weren’t talking about the neverending narrative here.


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