The Trump and Russia thing (that just won’t die)

I’ve probably said all of this before, but the media’s not letting it go so here we go again:

No, President Trump did not collude with the Russians to “steal” the election.

And even if he did, which he didn’t, it doesn’t matter.  The “hacking” the media is so hopped up about is not changing votes or influencing counts of ballots but is the same thing as their ludicrous “fake news” nonsense–they’re mad because someone told the truth that they were so desperate to cover up.  The Russians tried to hack both the RNC and the DNC, but as we know the Democrats take cybersecurity about as seriously as they do national security and apparently antivirus software is Islamophobic or something.  I do not know nor do I care where WikiLeaks got its information (though the dead DNC intern who was shot in the street but not robbed gives me some ideas).  If the Russians provided this information then they’re big damn heroes in my book.  And if they got Trump elected, so far they haven’t gotten anything out of it other than World War III is not on the horizon.

The media is determined to ride this horse into the ground and apparently our guys are still listening and seeing this as evidence that we’re not winning.  Stop it.  We have already WON, for pity’s sake, just start acting like it!  Let the RINOs and the Democrats whine and wail, people are getting bored and moving on, and really, this probe can only go on for so long until it comes up with stuff that will be way more embarrassing for the Democrats than it will ever be for President Trump.


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