Getting back on track

Okay, so things have been kind of light around here for the past couple of weeks, and while I’m not pretending I have a lot of readers and visitors who I’m disappointing, I also know that kind of attitude is not ever going to have an audience to disappoint.  So offered as a reason but not an excuse, life happens, work happens, and things take priority over a (mostly) political blog just like they do over making the usual slate of comments on Twitchy or Breitbart.  I won’t say it won’t happen again.  Also, as a side note, yesterday’s installment of Well Behaved Women was on the lean side not due to any distractions but just because of the subject matter.

Now, part of the reason things have been slow lately is because the news over the past couple of weeks has been kind of repeating the same song and dance, harping on RepubliCare and President Trump’s budget and the latest nonsense allegations about someone who shook President Trump’s hand one time in 1994 had Russian dressing on his salad and two days later went to the hardware store to buy a hacksaw and OMG that means Russian hacking confirmed!  For the first two we’re kind of in wait-and-see mode, some good, some bad, and for the third it’s really gotten tiresome.  Trying to keep up with the latest nuances and outrages as they all run together really isn’t worth taking anyone’s time with, and I sure don’t have a fresh take on this each passing day.  Another poll comes out saying that President Trump’s approval ratings are now -237%, and still not one person who credibly claims to have voted for President Trump has lost confidence in him.  And of course occasionally you get a poll that clocks in somewhere in the high 50s for approval, which given the history of poll bias I find substantially credible, but I’m not going to trumpet it every time someone gets it somewhere close to right.  I’m sure there will be plenty of actual current events worth discussing but the latest accusations or temper tantrums or judge making a grossly biased and baseless ruling on one of President Trump’s executive orders just get repetitive.  We’re in for three years and ten months of this still folks, and I still could not be happier about that.

And it will be at least three years and ten months.  If I had any money to spare I’d take whatever the betting odds are on that.

Anyway, as I indicated some months ago, back when the election was in the heat of the home stretch, I never intended for this blog to be a journal of only current events and defenses of the President, but that’s where my interest went for completely understandable reasons.  I have plenty of other things to talk about and I intend to do so in the near future.  I’ve done this on a few occasions like when I talked about voter fraud (which is kind of funny looking back, now that the left doesn’t think election fraud is a fairy tale anymore) and when I discussed how money equals freedom, and I expect to be doing this a bit more in the days to come.  Current events will be what they will be.  We are kind of settling into the stage where the protesters are getting tired and the viewing public are getting bored by the perpetual outrage machine, but the nature of the world is that things never stay quiet for long.  So hopefully we won’t have another long dry spell.


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