A note on nomenclature

Some observant readers may have noticed this already but I wanted to be clear about a couple of stylistic points, specifically in terms of how two individuals will be referred to around here for the foreseeable future.

First, I have used a variety of nicknames and terms to refer to the 45th President of the United States both during and after the campaign.  I am henceforth making a conscious effort always to refer to him using his title–I’ll usually go with President Trump but I might try out “President The Don” sometime and see how it fits.  In case the reason is not obvious, I don’t think it can be repeated often enough that yes, President Trump IS the President, whether that offends your snowflake sensibilities or not.  Somehow I get the feeling that every time someone says President Trump, somewhere a social justice warrior has a panic attack, or maybe just a bad case of the munchies.  Either way I win.

Also, President Trump.  Just sayin’.

Second, I have also referred to another person using nicknames.  I think he used to be important, I mean he used to have President Trump’s job, but you know, he was really a miserable failure and everything he did is being undone, and he’s not really worth remembering as more than a footnote.  So I will be referring to him henceforth and unless there’s good cause not to as Whatshisname.  I’m not letting a useless incompetent man-child whiner live rent-free in my head and I suggest you all do the same, because nothing will enrage these pathetic fools like being dismissed for irrelevance.  Let ’em fade away.

Also, President Trump.  Try it, it works when you do it too!


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