Why the President’s tax returns don’t matter

So last night the left had worked itself into a frenzy with glee over the potential that someone had finally unearthed President Trump’s tax returns, yes, the holy grail that all of the media had sought unsuccessfully for going on years now, that was somehow going to be the rock in the sling in Rachel Maddow’s gnarled hands that would bring down Trump Goliath once and for all.  And it turned out to be a couple pages of a 1040 form from 2005 showing that The Don did indeed pay a metric crapton of taxes that year.  So this morning all us Trump fans find it strangely hard to contain our laughter.

Among the sniveling remarks made by once-again-shown-up leftists is that “but…but he promised he’d release his tax returns!  He broke a promise!  Waaaah we wanna seeeeee emmmmmmm’!”  Yes, President Trump did say on the campaign trail that he would release his taxes once his yearly audit was complete.  He made that pledge to voters who were going to vote for him.  Quick show of hands, did anyone out there vote for Donald Trump because you wanted to see his tax returns?  Raise ’em up, don’t be shy.

No one.  This is why it doesn’t matter.  This nonsense about releasing tax returns is just Democratic theater to point out when Republican candidates know how to be smart about their deductions and business expenses (you know businesses, those things that provide jobs and increase GDP?  If you’re a leftist of course you don’t) and show just how much money they made and you didn’t get any.  It’s silly.  So when President Trump said he’d release them, first of all there was an implicit “if you vote for me” in that deal.  Second, those of us who did vote for him and were planning to all along, we don’t care.  We’re good.  We’re getting the bargain we struck when we went to the ballot box (although the WhatshisnameCare replacement is starting to give some of us the jibblies) and Trump handing his tax returns to the rabid sharks was never part of that.

In other words, this was not a promise he made to his customer base, and he didn’t get the benefit of the deal he was offering.  No one who voted for him cares about his taxes, and no one who cares about his taxes voted for him.  It’s that simple.  So don’t go whining about how this makes Trump “dishonest” or counts as a “broken promise” or how it somehow justifies the dinosaur media engaging in brazenly illegal behavior in their quest to de-legitimize and undermine President Trump at every turn.

Also, there is the theory that the person who leaked this fragment of President Trump’s 2005 taxes was none other than The Don himself.  If so, yet another master move on his part.


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