Surprise surprise

So after a few weeks of blaming far-right racists and Trump supporters (the same in the eyes of the dinosaur media and the Democrats) for threats against Jewish synagogues, it turns out that once again the guy making the bomb threats turns out to be a leftist Trump hater and former reporter trying to hassle a woman.


Meanwhile after all the hysterics over Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador it turns out that the Russian ambassador really makes the rounds, meeting with Democratic senators and some other guy who used to have Trump’s job, can’t remember his name but eh, he’s not important.  But Nancy Pelosi still says Sessions’ “excuse” is “pathetic.”


And of course in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the much-vaunted Clinton Foundation has been shut down.  Seems the Clintons have lost their fervor for charity work now that they don’t have any influence to sell.

This is the ride we signed up for folks.  If you didn’t expect this…start paying attention, and hang on tight.  We’re just getting started.  They’re not going to stop throwing the rocks.


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